Fire Emblem Engage Tips To Know Before Starting

Fire Emblem Engage returns with the same strategy-based battle system with a few additional mechanics in and out of battle. While returning players may feel that they can navigate their way through FE Engage easily, we still feel that knowing the following Fire Emblem Engage tips before starting can immensely help even veterans of the franchise.

Fire Emblem Engage beginner tips

While Fire Emblem Engage is welcoming to new players and explains all its systems well, our FE Engage beginner’s tips will truly help you appreciate a lot of the gameplay features.

Promote Early

It is often pondered whether one should wait till level 20 to promote a unit, find a middle ground at level 15, or promote the moment as he reaches level 10.

In Fire Emblem Engage, you absolutely should not wait too long. A Unit’s growth is altered when they advance to another class, which is mainly an essential benefit in Maddening. In addition, Characters have internal levels that affect the speed of the Exp growth. The secret sauce to early promoting is that you can re-class to another advanced class to reach level 10 in any Base class first. Isn’t that cool?

Search the Battlefield after a Battle

Once your fight ends, you are given a chance to explore the arena where you have been battling.

Use this time to search for the yellow dots shown on your minimap. These represent the locations for collectible items so be sure to grab them all. Items you can find include food to obtain recipes, Ingots for improving your weapons, and bond fragments.

You can even find and adopt all the animals by searching for the orange dots on the map. Adopting as many animals as possible is always a good option since will help you obtain rarer foods at Somniel.

Though you can earn the bond fragments once you exit the arena, you can search for them yourself while exploring the area. You can also use this time to have a conversation with your allies to increase support.

Return to Somniel after every fight

Heading back to Somniel and completing all the mundane tasks can be a chore. However, these tasks are important if you want to keep your troops at the top of their game. So, after every fight return to Somniel and do the following.

Head to the Arena and train your allies so they progressively become stronger for every battle. Increasing Support is always important, so remember to cook meals for your allies.

Collectible items inside Somniel will respawn every so often, so be sure to head back and collect them all.

You can complete all the other tasks if you desire but completing the former three is essential, especially during the early game.

Train yourself through mini-games

If you want to boost Alear’s stats to prepare him for the next fight, you can participate in varying-difficulty mini-games. These fitness-oriented mini-games allow you to earn rewards based on their difficulty level.

Some of the mini-games in FE Engage include Push Ups, Sit Ups, and Squats. Push Ups increase your Strength, Sit Ups level up the HP, while successful Squats may buff your DEX in an upcoming battle.

Cook Meals

You can obtain temporary stat buffs by Preparing a meal and giving it to two of your allies. It also provides them with a moderate healing item for the next fight. You will also increase Support between the characters by doing so.

You should try and consider the food preferences of the characters for maximum benefits. It is also important to note that food can even provide debuffs if the assigned cook for the meal is not an Expert in the dish.

Befriend Sommie

Inside the Floating Island, Sommie is a cute dog-resembling creature that dwells with Alear. This cute pet can help you in multiple mini-games and assist in the tougher tasks in Somniel. All you have to do is to feed and pet her. As you improve your friendship with Sommie and gain Affinity, you will get more significant benefits.


You can fish at Somniel to earn yourself food ingredients and bond fragments. The number of tries you get when fishing is dependent on the type of fishing rod (3 for a Base Rod). Head to the Flea Market for better options.

Know which weapons are equipped

You can give multiple weapons to your characters when going into battle. Different weapons will suit different situations within the battle. Some weapons are more effective for ranged battle while some are better when you are pushing your opponent.

You will however only have one weapon equipped at an instant. The weapon that you ended your turn on will still be equipped when delivering a counterattack.

At the end of your turn access the situation by determining the type and position of your opponents, and change your weapon to one that will be more suited to delivering a counter.

One example of this can be at the end of a turn, changing your Archer’s weapon to a mini-bow when approaching melee targets.

Gold Donations

Since Gold is hard to come by, the best use for it is to invest it in Donations. Head to the Bulletin Board and Donate to different countries of your choosing.

Online Rewards

There is a really interesting online feature in Fire Emblem Engage that allows you to obtain items, Bond Fragments, and Experience. The game identifies locations where other players playing single-player battles died themselves or killed enemies.

The Purple Halos represent where they perished while the Yellow Halos identify the location where they defeated an enemy. If you end your turn on any of these, you can earn certain rewards. Yellow Halos can earn you XP and bond fragments while ending turn on a Purple one gives you a weapon.

Early on, you will struggle to obtain weapons, so this can help you save a bit of gold.

Sell the Weapons that aren’t being used

Soon you will pile quite a few junk weapons you will not use. Since gold is tough to gather, selling these weapons to earn some gold seems like a decent deal in Fire Emblem Engage.

Head to Somniel’s Weapon store and sell of all your base-level weapons and equipment to obtain gold. You can then reinvest that gold in country donations.

Emblem Inherit Skills

Inherit Skills allows you to inherit a trait of Emblem after obtaining a level 5 Bond with them.

This is an SP-heavy mechanic and in the early game, you will not have much SP to spare. We suggest waiting on giving your character inheritable skills until you have accumulated sufficient SP through more individual battles.

A character can only have two inherited skills and it is important, to further improve character bonds with Emblems to gain access to the best Inherit Skills. You should save SP so you can spend it on them.

The Weapon Triangle

Returning players of the Fire Emblem Franchise must be familiar with the FE Engage Weapon triangle but we thought we should reiterate it for the newer players and discuss a change in the weapon effectiveness chart.

The weapon triangle is pretty simple to understand and goes as Axe beats Spear, Sword beats Axe, and Spear beats Sword. Bows continue to have the advantage against Flying types and magic attacks are still effective against Armoured troops.

Additionally, a new change sees Martial Arts become more effective against magic attacks, Daggers, and bows.

The Break Status

Break Status is a brand-new mechanic inside Fire Emblem Engage. It uses the weapon effectiveness information discussed above, to inflict the Break status on opponents when you have a favorite weapon matchup.

Break essentially paralyzes the opponent until the end-turn, since they drop their weapons. You can use this opportunity to deliver a devastating blow to a stringer enemy, just remember that you can be inflicted with Break as well. This mechanic will now force you to consider your weapon matchups before heading into battle.

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