Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farming Guide

Gold is the main in-game currency of Fire Emblem Engage and you will need a lot of it to improve not only your characters but also your kingdom over the course of progression.

Similar to the previous games in the franchise, there are various items to purchase from shops in FE Engage. You will need gold if you want to get some new weapons or consumables to help in battles, a special accessory perhaps to increase your survival chances or new clothes to freshen up your units.

Gold is hence the ultimate resource that you will be looking to gather in the game. The more you have, the more you can upgrade your characters.

The following guide will tell you the best ways to farm gold quickly in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best way to farm gold quickly in FE Engage

You can farm gold in a variety of ways which include defeating rare enemies, skirmishes, and accepting Emblem paralogues.

Completion of Skirmishes

The skirmishes are some tough challenges. These are found on the overworld map for the areas you have already found.

The challenges include defeating all the enemies, including rare ones that lie on the map. To increase enemies’ spawn rate, you must invest gold in other kingdoms. This will cause more challenges to appear on your overworld map, increasing your potential to farm more gold in the game.

Completion of Emblem Paralogues

You can also attempt side missions that appear on your overworld map. These missions not only provide you with gold but also increase your bond with the other Emblems.

Your relations with other characters are also improved by undertaking these missions.

Recruiting Tiki and Anna

If you bought the DLC, you are in for a treat. The key item that comes with this purchase is the bracelet that contains Tiki. To recruit her, you just need to visit the southern island on the world map after completing Chapter 6.

You will find Tiki in her Divine Paralogue. You just need to defeat Tiki to make her part of your team, and the battle will be very easy. Now you just need to recruit Anna to farm more gold.

At the conclusion of Chapter 6, the Mysterious Merchant mission will appear on the overworld map. Make your way toward the center treasure and let Alear talk to Anna to complete the mission. Now you will have the gold farming merchant in your army.

Just put Tiki’s bracelet on Anna’s Wrist and train her as hard as you can. Upon reaching level 10 use Master Seal to advance her into the High Priest class. This will help us boost Anna’s Luck stats, making her obtain 500G on every kill.

Gold farming will become easier if you later change her class to a more offensive type. This way, defeating foes will become easy, and you can have more gold to buy Second Seals and other accessories.

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