Final Fantasy XV Skills Guide – Cooking, Fishing, Photography, Survival

Final Fantasy XV Skills Guide to help you learn more about different skills possessed by your companions including photography, cooking, survival, and fishing.

Unlike other typical RPGs, skills in Final Fantasy XV mean something totally different and are actually passive abilities possessed by all the characters.

Levelling them up can be time-consuming, especially for Prompto and Gladiolus, and there is no way to invest points in them to speed things up.

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Final Fantasy XV Skills Guide

Each character in the game has his own unique skill which is levelled up in a different way while none of them actually level up during combat so there is no need to grind monsters in order to level skills up.

Reaching level 10 with all 4 Skills unlocks a trophy/achievement for the players. As mentioned earlier, Prompto and Gladiolus’ skills are the most time consuming and this guide should help players streamline the process.

Final Fantasy XV Skills


Prompto’s Skill is photography which allows him to randomly take pictures as players journey through the world of Eos in Final Fantasy XV. Since he snaps those pictures randomly, there isn’t much that can be done to speed up the process.

Players can, however, purchase the Ascension grid upgrade for Snapshot which allows Prompto to take one picture during a combat encounter at the cost of one tech bar.

Players should make sure they use Snapshot during every combat encounter to improve the rate at which Prompto’s Photography skill increases. To further improve the speed; Tech Strike, Tech Damage and Quick Tech upgrades from Technique grid can speed up the rate at which the tech bar recharges so more resource is available to spend taking snapshots in combat.


Gladiolus’ Survival skill allows him to find treasures at the end of every battle. Unlike Photography, there aren’t any Ascension grid upgrades to improve the rate at which this is levelled up as it solely depends on a number of distance players walk on foot.

The only way to level this up, and it is a slow and painful process, is to walk around a lot between quests and thoroughly explore the world.

Even if the distance to a quest feels too much, players should avoid Choco rides, Regalia or Fast Travel if they want to level up Survival. As long as the objective is under 0.5 miles, it is best to walk and sprint to it instead of any other transport method.

To speed up this movement, players can use the trick to Sprint infinitely by pressing the LAS/L3 as the Stamina bar is about to deplete. It might take some attempts to get the timing right but once players nail it down, it can make travelling on foot very easy.


Ignis’ Cooking skill is only improved when he cooks meals for the party. The more difficult i.e. the more ingredient it requires and bonus it provides, a meal is, the more points Ignis will gain towards levelling up Cooking.

Since meals can only be cooked while camping out in the wilds, players should make it a habit to camp out more often instead of using Lodgings to stay the night.


Noctis’ Fishing skill is only levelled up when he sets some time aside and goes fishing at any fishing spot in the game. The rarer the fish he catches, the faster the Fishing skill levels up.

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This is all we have on Final Fantasy XV Skills Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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