Final Fantasy 7 Remake Subterranean Menace Walkthrough

In Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7, right at the beginning at Aerith’s House, you are going to come across a Side Quest which will be given to you by Wymer in Sector 6. We have prepared this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Subterranean Menace walkthrough to help you out with this quest.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Subterranean Menace

This side quest is the Subterranean Menace where the objective of the quest is that there are some monsters that have taken over Shinra’s underground test site. Wymer asks Cloud to remove those monsters from the site.

Now, you have to make your way towards the underground site for which you have to go under the white dome. The white dome where Wymer is standing.

Once you start moving inside the dome, you have to keep going until you reach an entrance which has yellow tape around it. Now you have to enter the gate and go to Underground Lab – B5.

Keep moving forward after you are inside the room and you are going to come across Type-0 Bahamut which is going to test your patience.

So the boss’ body is divided into four components which are the Upper Body, the Lower Body, the Horn, and the Bahamut. Now you have to attack these components one by one in order to take down the boss.

You will start off by attacking the Upper and Lower body first as you want to make the boss as vulnerable as you can and damaging the upper and lower body will drop the boss to the ground.

To stagger the Bahamut you can use Mythril Saber that Cloud has if you have a high magic stat. Once you have staggered the boss, you can plan on taking down the Horn.

Do not, and I mean do not use magic spells until you have taken down Bahamut’s Horn. The boss is resistant to magic attacks until then and he attacks you harder if you use them.

After you have destroyed the horn you can use both the physical attacks and magic spells on the Bahamut. What’s left is the main body and you have to keep attacking it so the boss drops down.

Now the Bahamut will use the Comet attack and rocks will start falling from the ceiling.

You have to dodge these rocks and when they stop falling, you are going to receive the Bahamut’s Horn which is used as a medicinal ingredient in the side quest, Secret Medicine.

Return to Wymer to finish the quest and receive the Wrecking Ball weapon for Barrett.