Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Medicine ‘Component Locations’ Walkthrough

The residents of the Slums have fallen ill, and the Doctor has requested you to get specific items in order to make medicine and treat those that have gotten sick. We have made a short walkthrough for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Medicine side-quest listing out all necessary details required in order to complete it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Medicine

The starting point of the quest is from a Doctor near the community center located in Sector 5. You can take on this quest during Chapter 14 of FF7 Remake.

The Doctor will tell you his concerns regarding the people living in the slums. In order to help him, you have to collect a total of three items in Secret Medicine, which will consequently complete the sidequest.

  • Moogle’s Mortar.
  • Behemoth Horn.
  • Medicinal Flowers.

To acquire all three of these items, you will have to go to their respective locations.

Two of these will be relatively easy to collect, whilst one actually requires you to slay a Behemoth, I’m guessing you know which of the one from the three I’m referring to here.

Moogle’s Mortar
Surprisingly enough, the Mortar can actually be found from Moggie. He can be very easily located at the Children’s Secret Hideout.

In order to buy it, you are going to want to have a Moogle Medal. Moggie is wearing white shorts, gloves, a t-shirt, and an animal mask to top it off. Pretty distinct.

Medicinal Flowers
Head to the church found in Sector 5. You can find the flowers inside on the ground. Simply pick them up to increase the progression of the quest.

Behemoth Horn
The final item to be found in this side-quest is of course the Behemoth Horn. The beast that you need to slay can be found in the underground lab belonging to Shinra.

Using any sort of Magic against the beast is a bad idea until the horn is broken. He will only reflect your magical abilities back at you.

Physical attacks are your best friend in order to take the beast down. Once you defeat him, you will have the final ingredient required for the medicine.

Talk to the Doctor again once you have all 3 components for the Secret Medicine mission in FF7 Remake and he will reward you with:

  • Telluric Scriptures Vol. III.
  • Restoration of HP and MP

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