How To Get Whitewyrm Bone In Final Fantasy 16

Whitewyrm Bones are late-game crafting materials that you need to craft the Diamond Sword as well as other Diamond items in Final Fantasy 16.

Whitewyrm Bone is a rare crafting material that you are going to need to make some of your end-game weapons and items in Final Fantasy 16.

If you are wondering why it is rare, you have to defeat a mighty dragon to get hold of it. It is not an easy task but the rewards are surely worth it.

The Whitewyrm Bones are going to let you craft the incredibly powerful Diamond sword and Silken Sash Belt in Final Fantasy 16.

These can then be upgraded later on to equip even more powerful weapons. Otherwise, without them, the late-game enemies might just give you trouble.

Whitewyrm Bone location in Final Fantasy 16

Since it is a late-game crafting material, you have to advance through the game until you reach the Fire in the Sky questline. This is the 38th story quest of Final Fantasy 16, so you are going to need to play through a major portion of the campaign.

In Fire in the Sky, you are going to be pitted against Bahamut, one of the strongest White Dragons around. This is a massive boss fight that tests your skills, as well as equipment. So make sure to come prepared with only the best Eikon abilities and gear.

Defeat Bahamut and you are going to receive 3x Whitewyrm Bone in FF16. Once you have them, it is time to visit a Blacksmith to start crafting.

Whitewyrm Bone crafting recipes in FF16

The Whitewyrm Bone is the crafting and upgrading material for Diamond weapons, such as the swords and armlets in FF16. However, since you can buy both items from the previous vendors, using the crafting material for reinforcement is suggested.

Make your way toward Goet’z Toll and pay 3,000 Gils to get the basic version of the Diamond sword. Moreover, Charon’s Toll also offers the Diamond Armlets for 2,700 Gil. So it makes more sense to buy these items for these amounts and use the Whitewyrm Bone to upgrade their levels.

After getting these items, you can visit any Blacksmith after obtaining this material to unlock the next level of the diamond weapons. The following table gives the required items to craft each Diamond item in Final Fantasy 16.

ItemCrafting Recipe
Diamond Sword1x Whitewyrm Bone, 1x Imperial Link, 90x Bloodys Hides
Diamond Sword +11x Diamond Sword, 1x Whitewyrm Bone, 1x Imperial Link, 52x Bloody Hides
Diamond Sword +21x Diamond Sword +1, 4x Meteorite, 60x Bloody Hides
Diamond Armlets1x Whitewyrm Bone, 243x Wyrrite, 81x Sharp Fang
Diamond Armlets +11x Diamond Armlets, 1x Whitewyrm Bone, 142x Wyrrite, 47x Sharp Fang
Diamond Armlets +21x Diamond Armlets +1, 1x Whitewyrm Bone, 10x Desert Rose, 3x Meteorite, 60x Sharp Fang

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