Best Eikon Abilities (And What They Do) In Final Fantasy 16

Wondering what the best Eikon abilities are in Final Fantasy 16? Here's what you need to pick for Clive, and what you can ignore.

With the progression of Final Fantasy 16, Clive can access several Eikon abilities to bring something new into combat. You can unlock and upgrade these abilities by using the ability points you gain after completing the battles.

Each Eikon ability comes with its core ability, and you cannot swap it while equipping the Eikon. Moreover, you can make use of six Eikon abilities simultaneously after reaching the end of the FF16.

All these Eikon abilities come with an attack and stagger value. Both combine to determine and damage output and every ability has its cooldown.

You can also use the super abilities at a higher cost and extended cooldown time. However, these abilities bring so much to the battlefield as your attacks become extremely powerful.

Now it is time to look into the best Eikon abilities you can use in FF16 to win battles and eliminate enemies.

Best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16

15) Deadly Embrace

This ability is perfect for closing the distance between the larger enemies and Clive in Final Fantasy 16. Clive will unleash a claw which will grab the target and pull them toward your location.

If you use the ability against larger enemies, you will be launched into the air, and you can quickly get close to enemies relying on long-range attacks. The combat will turn in your favor, and you can land more damage hits this way.

14) Upheaval

You can unlock Upheaval from the Titan Eikon tree by eliminating Hugo in FF16. The ability provides you the opportunity to use the earth according to your needs.

The ability allows you to smash the ground to knock the enemies, causing severe damage to everyone within the radius. You can also pair this with other Eikon abilities to improve your aerial combos. Additionally, charge this ability to improve your damage and potency during combat.

13) Flames of Rebirth

This super ability allows you to cover the entire battlefield with fire in Final Fantasy 16. You will summon Phoenix to unleash the fire, dealing massive damage to every possible enemy on the battlefield.

You will also receive healing while raining fire on the enemies, which opens the opportunity to deal some stagger damage through this ability. The damage output, range, and some health restoration make this a must-have Eikon ability.

12) Gouge

This ability will unlock after you get your hands on Garuda in FF16. With this ability, you can summon claws to tear apart your enemies, inflicting severe damage. Moreover, the claws can target multiple enemies simultaneously, making this a remarkable ability to hold from Eikon.

Additionally, you can stagger the enemies with this ability, ensuring enemies become weak and your attacks become much more strong than before in the game.

11) Aerial Blast

After defeating Garuda in Final Fantasy 16, you will unlock this ability, and it becomes available in the ability tree. The ability allows you to form a powerful vortex that sucks all the minor enemies and deals heavy damage along with staggering them.

The enemies stuck inside the Vortex cannot escape this ability, allowing you to use other skills, such as the Heatwave, to deal damage from range. Moreover, you can also use this ability to stun your enemies when they reach half-stagger levels in FF16.

10) Rising Flames

The Rising Flames is part of the Phoenix Eikon, where you can use the giant wings of Phoenix to strike down multiple enemies in FF16. The ability also causes the enemies to knock down into the air, and the lower cooldown of this ability makes it one of the best Eikon abilities in the game.

You can spam this ability, and the damage output of this ability will help you remove a hoard of enemies in a quick fashion. So having this ability is very crucial to deal with multiple enemies.

9) Thunderstorm

This ability is part of the Ramuh Eikon tree, and you must progress in the story of Final Fantasy 16 to get your hands on this ability.

The Thunderstorm, as the name suggests, allows you to make use of lightning bolts through Ramuh’s spear. The damage is substantial, and you can easily take care of minor enemies with this ability.

You can also unleash its power using the spear strikes against the staggered enemies before raining lightning on them. The damage output places this ability in the must-have category of Eikon abilities.

8) Scarlet Cyclone

The Scarlet Cyclone is one of the best Eikon abilities that you can use for crowd control in Final Fantasy 16. You can use this to slow down the tempo of the enemies, ensuring safety during chaotic battles.

You summon Phoenix wings to damage the surrounding enemies while revolving around the area. This ability can make or break your battles, so utilizing it at the right time is crucial for success.

7) Diamond Dust

The Diamond Dust can be unlocked from the Shiva Eikon Tree using the ability points in FF16. This ability has three different staggers and provides you with wide-range combat potential.

Firstly, you will cast a cold snap to freeze all the surrounding enemies and stop them in their path. This opens the opportunity for the next stage, and you will stab the ground with your sword to shatter the enemies using a wave of ice. This will cause the ice to shatter and deal massive stagger damage to all the enemies.

6) Titanic Block

You can use the Titanic Block from the Titan tree in Final Fantasy 16 after defeating the Titan. The block is your best defensive ability as it not only helps you in blocking the damage but also creates an opportunity to counter the enemies.

The ability works much better than the parry and dodge mechanism, so you can easily fight enemies of any caliber while equipping this ability.

5) Wicked Wheel

The Wicked Wheel is your best bet when it comes to crowd control in Final Fantasy 16. The ability allows the players to use two claws and spin them around in a circular motion to damage all the nearby enemies.

You can also launch minor enemies into the year with this ability, providing you the chance to inflict more attacks on them. With this ability, you can gain control of any battle, making it one of the best in FF16.

4) Raging Fits

You are going to unlock Raging Fits after defeating the Titan in Final Fantasy 16. It allows you to throw a barrage of punches that can stagger enemies. You can also combine Raging Fits with Titanic Block to counter enemy attacks.

3) Impulse

Impulse is easily one of the strongest and best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16. It allows you to shoot projectiles that home into enemies by themselves to deal a ton of damage.

You can have multiple projectiles to follow multiple enemies at once. Furthermore, the longer your projectiles are in the air, the more damage they do on impact.

2) Will-O-The-Wykes

This is another one of the best Eikon abilities you can get in Final Fantasy 16. You get to surround yourself with fireballs that do insane burn damage after coming in contact with enemies. They also work as a defensive guard to absorb incoming damage.

If you are looking for mobility, this is a great ability, as you can reposition without worrying much about the damage, even during intense battle movements. The fireballs also protect you for longer, so you can quickly move through the battlefield to achieve safety.

1) Windup

The Windup ability allows you to summon a titan arm to unleash insane damage on enemies in Final Fantasy 16. Holding down the wind-up button increases your damage, so make sure to lure in enemies before slamming them to death.

If you use the ability at the right time, you can wipe down the entire group of enemies within a few seconds. The damage output and accuracy of this ability make it the best Eikon ability in FF16.

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