How To Get Diamond Sword In Final Fantasy 16

Get to know where the Diamond Sword location, how to reach it, and how you can craft the weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Being an outlaw, there is a list of enemies you will face during your adventure in Final Fantasy 16. Having the best weapon equipped will be your priority as it allows you to survive against those enemies.

Although there are several weapons you can acquire mid-game, the Diamond Sword is arguably the best choice for lethal combat. What makes this Sword stand out from the rest of the mid-game weapons in FF16 is its ability to be reinforced.

The Diamond Sword is one of the craftable weapons which you can upgrade often to keep it relevant by increasing its stats. To know how to get the Diamond Sword in Final Fantasy 16, follow the guide below.

Diamond Sword location in Final Fantasy 16

There are two ways to get your hands on the Diamond Sword in Final Fantasy 16. The first one is the easy one where you can simply buy the weapon from Goetz for 3,000 Gils.

If you are broke or are saving for something big, your second option is to craft the Diamond Sword by collecting certain crafting materials.

Below we have arranged a table that shows the quantity of the crafting materials used to craft and upgrade the Diamond Sword.

Diamond Sword (Level)Crafting Recipe
Standard Diamond Sword 90x Bloody Hide, 1x Imperial Link,1x Whitewyrm Bone
Diamond Sword Upgrade +11x Diamond Sword, 52x Bloody Hide, 1x Imperial Link 1x Whitewyrm Bone.
Diamond Sword Upgrade +21x Diamond Sword (+1), 60x Bloody Hide, x4 Meteorite

Out of the given requirements, the easiest material to acquire is the Imperial Link. You can loot this material by killing Imperial Knights such as Legionnaire and Cannonier.

To acquire Gils, Bloody Hide, and Whitewyrm, head over to Goetz’s Toll and take part in the Fire and Sky main quest. It is one of the most essential quests for your progression into the main storyline. The quest begins right after completing the Onward main quest as you reach the Crystalline Dominion.

Here you will face the boss known as the White Dragon. The White Dragon boss shares several similarities with the standard Akashic Dragon in FF16 as it uses its wings to fly over the city while shooting projectiles at you to deal maximum damage.

Despite being one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in the Crystalline Dominion, you must manage to defeat the White Dragon to get rewarded with 3x Whitewyrm Bone, 20x Bloody Hide, and 3200 Gil.

After acquiring all the material, you can either go on to purchase the Diamond Sword from Goetz or craft it using the crafting material rewarded to you for defeating the White Dragon Boss.

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