How To Defeat Undertaker In Final Fantasy 16

Undertaker is a mid-level mini-boss that appears during the 31st main quest of Final Fantasy 16, Into the Darkness.

Undertaker is a mid-level mini-boss that appears during the 31st main quest of Final Fantasy 16, Into the Darkness. On their way to find Hugo Kupka and put him and the madness created by him to rest, Clive and Torgal come across Undertaker in a cathedral.

This monstrosity is created to stop the intruders from entering the inner sanctum. Undertaker in FF16 is a mechanical soldier with a bulky body and no weapons in their hands. However, this doesn’t make it any less dangerous than other mini-bosses of Final Fantasy XVI.

This is a level 30 boss fight, and we recommend players to level up beyond 30 at least to prepare for the battle ahead.

How to Defeat Undertaker in Final Fantasy 16

Undertaker always starts the fight with Spirits Within attack. This technique allows Undertaker to gather energy from the surrounding and use it to shoot a massive laser from its chest. This laser travels horizontally through the arena and can be dodged with Precision Evade.

Undertaker is Akashic and uses Amber’s power to its advantage. Make sure to dodge away when Undertaker slams its arms on the ground. This attack creates a massive Amber explosion. Once half staggered, use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to stagger Undertaker for a couple more seconds in FF16.

At this point, Clive has access to 3 Eikons abilities. Use these abilities wisely and make sure all are cooled down once the Undertaker is fully staggered. Use Limit Break and start hitting Undertaker with all the equipped abilities and powerful melee combos. This allows Clive to deal massive stagger damage to the enemy in Final Fantasy XVI.

As soon as Undertaker recovers from stagger, it uses Exhume attack. This attack staggers Clive momentarily and creates Aether explosions beneath his feet. Move quickly through the arena to avoid this deadly attack. Undertaker in FF16 also uses a Lunge attack and propels itself to hit Clive with its massive body.

The final unnamed attack involves Undertaker jumping into the air and stomping the ground with its feet. This attack creates shockwaves that damage Clive on impact. Keep avoiding the attacks mentioned above and deal damage whenever possible.

Once the Undertaker is staggered again in FFXVI, use all the abilities and attacks combined with Limit Break to defeat Undertaker.

FF16 Undertaker Boss Rewards

Defeating Undertaker rewards players with 350 exp points, 170 ability points, 3000 gil, Magicked Ash, Sharp Fang, and The Favor of Lightning (a unique accessory that increases Upheaval technique damage by 8%).

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