Final Fantasy 16 Severian Notorious Mark Hunt Location and How to Beat

Severian Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16 will appear on your hunts board during the "After the Storm" main quest.

Severian Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16 will appear on your hunts board during the “After the Storm” main quest. This Echo is creating troubles in Rosaria, and before slaying it, make sure to pick up the hunt message from the Hideaway.

Finding and defeating this B Rank, level 31 enemy is not difficult if you know how to tackle its speed. We will help you find the exact location of Severian in FF16 and give you some tips on defeating it.

Severian location in Final Fantasy 16

You can find Severian in Rosaria. Severian is just west of Martha’s Rest. From Martha’s Rest, exit Martha’s Rest through the west exit and head to the northernmost part of Sorrowise to find Severian.

How to defeat Severian in FF16

Severian fights with energy exudating from both his hands. It is relatively fast, and you need to be cautious. Severian’s lunge attack is relatively fast and can cover almost the entire arena with a single lunge. As such, you must stay ready to dodge and roll.

With Severian’s energy hands, it can use a lot of AoE attacks and fast. You need to utilize the small opening you get to deal damage to Severian in Final Fantasy 16. Precision Dodges will allow you to use Eikon’s abilities, and you can use these to stagger the Severian, who is like a cat on drugs.

Lastly, you need to be able to deal significant damage in the short instances you get to make it worthwhile. Staggering Severian is your best bet to deal substantial damage, and you need to use everything in your arsenal to damage and stagger Severian.


After taking out the Severian in FF16, you can get the following rewards:

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