How To Defeat Republican War Panther In Final Fantasy 16

The Republican War Panther in Final Fantasy 16 is a mini-boss that appears during Cid the Outlaw main quest.

Republican War Panther in Final Fantasy 16 is a mini-boss that appears during Cid the Outlaw main quest, which takes place in the Dhalmekian Republic and is the 20th main quest in the game right after the five years time skip.

As Clive and Jill make their way across the Republic to free the bearers, they are trapped by the enemy forces in a small arena. Fearing the legendary Cid and his status, Republican forces unleash a deadly beast upon the party in FF16.

This whole sequence is an introduction to Clive’s newly obtained Eikonic abilities from Ramuh and doesn’t offer a lot of challenges.

How to defeat Republican War Panther in Final Fantasy 16

This straightforward fight doesn’t require players to be extra careful or use health recovery items, even at higher difficulties. Republican War Panther only has a couple of attacks in its arsenal, Swipe and lunge.

Republican War Panther starts the fight with claw swings that can be dodged easily. Use Precision Dodge to counterattack and land a couple of hits. A lunge attack is much easier to dodge. Swiftly shift between the Eikonic abilities with the press of L2 and use them to stagger the Republican War Panther in FF16.

This is the best chance for players to deal the maximum damage possible. After recovering from the stagger, Republican War Panther introduces a new attack, Savage. The beast attacks Clive with its claws in rapid succession before making a super-fast lunge attack.

This is the only powerful and dangerous attack during the whole boss battle. Make sure to dodge all the swipes and lunge attacks before launching your offensive. Republican War Panther in FF16 has low HP, and it doesn’t take long before you can easily take it down.

Republican War Panther Rewards in Final Fantasy XVI

The fight with Republican War Panther yields 840 exp points, 180 ability points, and 3000 gil. Other rewards include Steelsilk, Meteorite, Bloody Hide, and Lightning Shard (unique crafting material required to create one of the best swords in Final Fantasy 16, Levinbolt).

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