Final Fantasy 16 Cid The Outlaw Walkthrough

Cid the Outlaw gives you the opportunity to try out some of your new powers, particularly the Lightning Rod which does insane damage in FF16

You are going to pick up Cid the Outlaw as one of the main story quests while exploring Dhalmekia in Final Fantasy 16.

This is a relatively straightforward quest where you need to defeat Kupka’s private guard before heading back to the hideaway.

Cid the Outlaw is also going to give you the opportunity to try out some of your new powers, particularly the Lightning Rod which does insane damage in FF16. You will want to equip that here to stagger enemies.

Once you have completed The Crystals’ Curse as a prerequisite, you can begin on Cid the Outlaw in Final Fantasy 16.

How to complete Cid the Outlaw in FF16

Five years after the events of The Crystals’ Curse in FFXVI, Clive and Jill have opened up a business in Kostnice town in the Dhalmekian Republic to help Bearers in the town.

Once you are in town, you will meet with an Informant. He will speak about the bearer’s tragedy. You will come to know from this informant that the bearers are taken into the custody of Kupka’s private guards.

You can find the location of captured bearers in the old courthouse which is situated at the corner of Kostnice town in the game of Final Fantasy 16. You have to rescue these bearers who are helpless without you and Jill.

You and Jill make your way to the courtroom to save bearers from the soldiers with the help of Ramuh’s power. These are the following objectives for the quest of Cid the Outlaw in Final Fantasy 16.

Defeat Stone Scepters and Stone Scimitars

Firstly, you have to defeat the Stone Scepters as they are easy to bring down. Then, you attack the stone Scimitars.

Once you are finished killing the first wave, another wave of the same enemies will come into the battlefield. You need to kill in order like the way you defeated the first wave.

When all the enemies are about to die, they will call a beast to fight with you and Jill.

Battle the Republic War Panther

You need to fight with the Republic War Panther FFXVI. He looks dangerous but not as hard to take down if we compare other enemies at this stage in Final Fantasy 16.

He can only attack you with two patterns of attack, one is his lunges and another attack is swipe.

When his health comes near the end, he will use his “Savage” attack. This attack is a flurry of swipes through his paws. Next, he will use his lunging attack.

Always try to avoid the set of swipes and prepare yourself for the next instant move of the lunge to successfully defeat the panther.

Once you defeated him, the bearers will come to talk to you and Jill. They will scold you that whatever treatment they had been going through is because of you.

Once the bearers leave, Jill will encourage you that you did all this to save their life, for their relief. Upon slaying the Republic War Panther, you will get the following things mentioned below in pointers.

  • 1x Lightning Shard
  • 30x Steelsilk
  • 30x Bloody Hide
  • 1 Meteorite
  • 840 EXP
  • 180 Ability Points
  • 3,000 gil

Head to Clive’s Hideaway

The last objective is quite simple, you just have to open the world map and click on the location of Hideaway.

Once you mark the location, the quest will be completed to unlock another quest called Home, Sweet Home in Final Fantasy 16.

Cid the Outlaw rewards in Final Fantasy 16

There are no rewards to reap here for completing the quest.

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