Final Fantasy 16 Knight Of The Splendent Heart Notorious Mark Hunt

Final Fantasy 16 includes multiple Notorious Marks hunts, such as Knight of the Splendent Heart, and quests that are very hard to defeat.

Final Fantasy 16 includes multiple Notorious Marks hunts like Knight of the Splendent Heart and side quests. These Notorious Marks feature enormous monster fights. Defeating these giant monsters result in good rewards in the end. However, defeating these monsters is not an easy task. Notorious Mark hunts are fun to play in the game. However, all of them have an unlocking condition as well.

Knight of Splendent Heart is no exception. In order to get eligible to play this hunt, the player must complete the Under New Management side quests and the Back to Their Origin main story quest.

This guide will take you through the unlocking condition, starting location, and defeating tips and rewards for the Knight of the Splendent Heart hunt.

Knight of Splendent Heart location in Final Fantasy 16

Knight of Splendent Heart is located in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. It is on the northeastern side of the Royal Meadows, just above the Moore area. Royal Meadows Obelisk can also be used to fast travel to the starting location.

How to defeat the Knight of Splendent Heart in FF16

Knight of Splendent Heart is not difficult to beat. This Rank A monster has two primary attacks: the Mirage and Lunge. The primary strategy to counter the Knight is to play defensively.

Players have to be vigilant during the fight. Mirage dive attacks include blue lines falling from the sky. Players must avoid contact with the protagonist with the lines at every cost. Getting in touch will cause significant health loss.

Precision Dodge and Eikonic Strikes are the best ways to take Knight of the Splendent Heart health in Final Fantasy 16. Additionally, Lunge attacks can be nullified using the same dodge techniques followed by precision attacks.


Defeating these tough monsters also results in some fantastic rewards by the game mechanic. In the case of The Knight of the Splendent Heart hunt, the player will get the following items in FF16:

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