Final Fantasy 16 Gizamaluk Notorious Mark Hunt

There are also some big monsters like Gizamaluk waiting for an encounter in multiple side quests of Final Fantasy 16.

Wailing Banshee Gizamaluk is one of the 32 giant Hunt enemies in Final Fantasy 16. Each one of them has different prerequisites to fight with them. FF16 uses the term Notorious Marks for the hunting locations of these monsters.

Before fighting with the Gizamaluk monster in the game, players first have to unlock it. The Wailing Banshee becomes available after completing the side quest An Inconvenient Truth while going through the Back to Their Origin main story quest.

Once it gets available, the next important objective is to have a fight and defeat this giant monster. This guide includes all the relevant information for unlocking, finding, and beating the Gizamaluk in the Wailing Banshee Hunt of FF16.

Gizamaluk location in Final Fantasy 16

The Gizamaluk hunt can be initiated in the Garnick area. It is located in The Kingdom of Waloed. Obelisk provides the opportunity of fast traveling for the protagonist. However, none of them are located in the near vicinity of the Garnick area. The nearest Obelisk Vidargraes is on the far northeastern side of the Garnick area.

How to defeat the Gizamaluk in FF16

Defeating the giant monsters is never an easy task. Defeating Gizamaluk in the 16th installment is no exception. Before The Wailing Banshee, protagonist Clive fought some similar enemies while having a win against Benedikta.

There are two main attacks associated with Gizamaluk in Final Fantasy 16. One of them is Quick Lunge Attack. After initiating this attack, the monster will approach the protagonist multiple times. Getting out of her way is the best defensive strategy to avoid damage.

The other main attack is the Storm Chaser. This attack will only trigger once its health gets low following a series of underground explosions. The best way to defeat the enemy is to use your abilities. Bahamut’s Wings of Light and Impulse can initiate a ranged attack on Gizamaluk in FF16.

Following a combination of close and ranged attacks will significantly impact the monster’s health. Attacking and stepping back for a quick heal is the best strategy to knock down this foe.


Defeating formidable enemies like Gizamaluk in Final Fantasy 16 also results in tremendous rewards. In the case of Gizamaluk, players can quickly get their hands on the following items:

  • 300 EXP
  • 80 Ability points
  • 9700 Gil
  • 45 Renown
  • Clouded Eye
  • 20 Sharp Fang
  • 10 Magicked Ash.
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