Final Fantasy 16 The Gathering Storm Walkthrough

The Gathering Storm main quest in Final Fantasy 16 is centered around your search for Martha. This also includes two subquests.

The Gathering Storm main quest in Final Fantasy 16 is centered around your search for Martha. This quest picks up from where the Home, Sweet Home quest left off, at the end of which you discover that Martha has gone missing.

As you venture out to rescue Martha, you’ll also complete the Dark Clouds Gather and Release quests in FF16, where you’ll see the true extent of the bloodshed that took place.

So, follow along to complete the Gathering Storm quest in Final Fantasy 16.

How to complete Gathering Storm in FF16

After a series of cutscenes, in which you receive news that the whereabouts of Martha are unknown, you get back into the action with The Gathering Storm quest in Final Fantasy 16.

Your first objective is to go talk to Otto. He will be standing on the stairs near the Arete Stone. You can get to him by exiting the hub area to reach the Arete Stone. Carry further through the entrance and take a right.

You’ll find a staircase here which you can climb to find Otto. Speak with him to begin a cutscene sequence.

Otto tells you chaotic the circumstances of Martha’s disappearance. Apparently, there was unrest at Martha’s Rest caused by the Imperial Garrison in Rosaria.

Find the Cursebreakers

As soon as the cutscene ends, you’ll get a new objective for finding the Cursebreakers at Martha’s Rest. You can fast-travel to that point using the World Map and hovering over the Martha’s Rest location.

At Martha’s Rest, your next destination will be The Golden Stables. You can get there by taking the staircase near your fast-travel location.

You’ll meet Cole at The Golden Stables and a cutscene will commence. Cole tells you more details about the current situation.

It seems that the soldiers are looking to commence a culling which is connected to the capture of Martha, who was taken to Sorrowise Bay.

Complete the Dark Clouds Gather subquest

This quest has three objectives that you can check off very easily. You’ll need to head southwest to reach Glaidemond Abbey. On your way there approach the bridge near the pathway. You’ll find an injured Martha sitting there.

Speak with her and then carry on with your route. After getting there, search the church to progress to the next objective.

Your route will be blocked by several Black Shields. Defeat them all to complete the Dark Clouds Gather subquest.

Complete the Release subquest

After completing the Dark Clouds Gather quest, your next objective will be to complete the Release quest in FF 16. This quest has only two objectives that you can check off very easily.

Search the nearby area to look for survivors, while being vary of the Black Shield soldiers.

Head southeast from your current location to find Riddock’s Jump and complete the burial ritual to complete the Release subquest.

There is also an optional objective in which you have to defeat the boss Ahriman on your way to Riddock’s Jump. You can choose to avoid him if you want.

Return to the hideaway

After you have completed the Release quest, you’ll need to head back to Martha and inform her that everyone perished. She has made her way back to Martha’s Rest so follow her there.

Talk the elevator to get to The Golden Stables to find her there. Speak with her to begin a conversation cutscene. Martha exclaims how she could have avoided the bloodshed if she headed the warning about the Black Shields.

You are also informed about the return of Gav as Martha has received a Stolas from Otto. You intend to pursue it by heading to the Hideaway.

Once the cutscene ends, scroll over to The Hideaway’s location on your World Map and fast-travel there.

Speak with Gav

You need to look for Gav and speak with him to complete the next objective. You’ll find him sitting next to Tarja by the tables in the central hub area.

Gav shares information regarding the Republic’s plan to seize the Crystal Dominion from Sanbreque. You then think of possible countermeasures coming up with the plan to attack Drake’s Breath.

Journey to Hawk’s Cry Cliff

Now your final objective will be to head to Hawk’s Cry Cliff. You unlocked this location just moments ago, so make use of the fast-travel mechanic of your World Map to head there.

This will conclude The Gathering Storm quest in Final Fantasy 16 and you can then carry on forward to the next FF16 quest, Bloodlines.

The Gathering Storm rewards in Final Fantasy 16

You receive no particular rewards for completing the Gathering Storm quest in Final Fantasy 16. All the items and reward that you receive are during the quest or by completing the Dark Clouds Gather and Release sub-quests.

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