How To Use Ifrit Eikon Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16 is an Eikon of Fire, and like the rest of its peers, Ifrit is inherently tied to its dominant Clive.

Ifrit is an Eikon of Fire, and like the rest of its peers, Ifrit is inherently tied to its dominant Clive, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 16. The Ifrit is also unique in that it is the second Eikon of fire in Valisthea, contrary to the belief that there can only be one Eikon per element.

You can unlock Ifrit by completing Buried Memories‘ main quest, which is the sixteenth main quest of the game. Defeating Infernal Eikon/Shadow unleashes Ifrit’s power hiding inside Clive. Acquiring Ifrit also unlocks the Limit Break game mechanic for Clive in Final Fantasy XVI. Ifrit’s ability tree unlocks during the next main story mission, The Meaning of Life.

How to use Ifrit in FF16

Ifrit will release devastating attacks upon Clive’s enemies once summoned. Like all other eikons in Final Fantasy 16, Clive can equip Ifrit’s skills and use them seamlessly.

Ifrit’s Eikonic abilities

Below is a list of Ifrit’s Eikon abilities you can unlock and use in FF16.

  • Will o Wykes: This ability summons a lot of encircling fireballs that protect Clive from nearby enemies and deal damage to them.
  • Ignition: This combat skill increases hit counts if Clive attacks enemies while charging. Clive can use this powerful skill in the air or on the ground.
  • Limit Break: This skill allows Clive to break his physical limits and enhance his attacks and defense once activated.

Tips on using Ifrit’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Ifrit is a late-game summon that Clive can use in late-game to face a lot of formidable enemies. Ifrit’s abilities can be used for crowd control via Will o Wykes or deal significant damage to a single powerful enemy by using Ignition.

Use Limit Break cautiously, as it is one the best buffs in FF16, and save it for troublesome situations only.

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