Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet Location and Tips to Defeat

The Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16 is a Notorious mark that you will get from the Hunts Board after completing Evenfall main quest.

Final Fantasy 16 is filled with beasts, some of which are A-graded. The Dread Comet is a Notorious mark that you will get from the Hunts Board after completing Evenfall’s main quest. These monsters lurk around the Dhalmekian desert; you can find them on the hunt board.

Even though you can’t stagger this level 38 Dread Comet in FF16, it is not difficult to beat if you know how to tackle this bird. This guide will help you with the exact location and tips on battling with Dread Comet.

Dread Comet location in Final Fantasy 16

To get to the location faster, use the Jaw (Obelisk) in the Dhalmekian Republic and Mount Chocobo to travel in the northeast direction. It is wise to mark the location using the above map and follow the marker to the Dread Comet’s spot.

How to Defeat Dread Comet in FF16

Dread Comet is a level 38 A-rank Chocobo, so stack some potions and elixirs for the battle. Dread Comet cannot be staggered and a has few attacks, but each is powerful enough to reduce your health.

It will mostly charge at you or use its beak to damage you, so you must be ready to dodge it. Dread Comet has a couple of meteor attacks (Choco Meteor and Choco Meteorain), which must be avoided, or you will lose much of your health in FF16.

In addition to these fireballs from above, a shockwave will be produced when these meteors hit the ground. So, by dodging these meteors, you must get away from the area to avoid these shockwaves. You must not lose attention in the battle, or you will fall prey to these meteors.

The number and pattern of comets will change as Dread Comet loses a significant amount of its health in Final Fantasy 16. You must find openings and use your Eikonic abilities to hit it with combos to lower its HP to zero.

Tips to Defeat Dread Comet

  1. Dread Comet will attack you with its feet. Dodge the attacks and grab the opportunity to counterattack it.
  2. Using Eikonic Abilities catches Dread Comet in a loop and gives extra damage.
  3. Keep checking Dread Comet’s health. Once it drains below half, Dread Comet releases shockwaves, stays on guard, and jumps immediately.
  4. Keep attacking without resting and heal immediately after receiving damage.


  • 1 Comet Feather
  • 30 Renown
  • 13,000 Gil
  • 5300 XP
  • 90 Ability Points
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