Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King Notorious Mark Hunt

Bomb King Notorious Mark hunt in Final Fantasy 16 puts you against a giant fireball-like enemy, similar to the ones you faced before.

Bomb King Notorious Mark hunt in Final Fantasy 16 puts you against a giant fireball-like B Rank enemy. This hunt unlocks during the Weird Science side quest. It is pretty similar to regular bomb enemies but has some unique, powerful attacks and abilities that can cause trouble for you.

The Bomb King in FF16 is not that easy to find. So if you want to know about the location of Bomb King and how to beat him, we have you covered.

Bomb King location in Final Fantasy 16

The Bomb King resides in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque at The Crock. To get to the Bomb King, quickly travel to The Dragon’s Aery obelisk and then to the Imperial Chase. Follow a narrow path. and you will find Bomb King at the end of it.

How to defeat The Bomb King in FF16

The Bomb King is similar to the common bomb enemies you encountered before. Most of his attacks are easily avoidable, but his unique attack powers make the fight even more challenging.

When you are close to him, he will lunge his body upon you, which causes damage, but this can be dodged easily. Avoid an initial attack to note the pattern and counterattack after dodging with the right timing. Don’t try precision dodge; it can cause heavy damage when missed.

Being at a distance, you will see the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 throwing fireball projectiles. You can easily dodge them and use Heatwave to do a counterattack.

One of his ultimate attacks is Coronation which will shoot fireballs while swirling large fire flames around him. You must be at some distance from him and avoid projectiles. When his health drops to a much lower level, he uses his most lethal attack Witan in which he summons many other bomb enemies.

They won’t attack you but cast some spells and then self-destruct, causing massive damage to you. Get away from them when you notice them turning bright as they are about to explode. Don’t try to go close to taking them but use some AoEs to destroy all of them at once.

You must use Eikon’s and Titan’s abilities to deal heavy damage to the Bomb King in FF16. There is no need to use Stagger’s abilities, as he has no stager meter. Avoid as many attacks as you can, and try using Berserker Ring so that you can deal even more damage when performing a precision dodge.

Limit Break can help you to elevate your damage dealt to beat the Bomb King in less time. Try these tips, and this mark will eventually meet his end.


Upon defeating the Bomb King in FF16, you will get the following rewards:

  • 9,000 Gil
  • 20 Renown
  • 65 Ability Points
  • 1,000 XP
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