Far Cry 6 Best Weapons Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you some of Far Cry 6 Best Weapons that you can use on your journey to liberate Yara and its people

Far Cry 6 allows you to progressively increase your firepower as you go through different missions in Yara. Depending on what you need and how you need to get something done, you’re going to choose between different weapons to take care of specific situations. In this guide, we’ll be showing you Far Cry 6 Best Weapons that you can use as a guerrilla.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons

Remember all unique weapons are shown on the map with a white chest and a gun logo. So, if you get near one or find clues to one, they will be displayed on your mini-map.

The Autocrat

This is a unique pistol in Far Cry 6. It has armor-piercing rounds by default, improved aim, and body shot damage. It can be acquired in the mission, “Do or Die”, in Fort Quito. This can be acquired in the first few hours of the game.

El General

Another unique auto-pistol, very good in the early game. Has vehicle blast rounds, improved damage, and increases movement speed while aiming down sights.  Can be found in the Prado Meadows area.

Viva Libertad

A unique early game Assault Rifle can be found at Punto Norte Lighthouse on the north side of the Island, east of Quito Bay. Very powerful early on with bonus headshot damage and laser sight that doubles down on accuracy.

MS16 S

We get handed this weapon for free. It’s the best weapon early on, and it’s not a unique piece like other weapons on the list.

But this weapon really shines when modded correctly. Add armor-piercing rounds and a silencer to it, and you have a very high damage assault rifle, that acts as a short-range silenced sniper rifle.

Wiping out an entire enemy base with headshots from the MS16 S is extremely satisfying.


A very good weapon, that can be easily missed. This is an incendiary shotgun. Does insane damage with a little flame damage on the side. This is the last weapon we will mention from the starting Island. It can be found on the South-East coast, at the Punto Este Lighthouse.


You can find this weapon in the Diesel Daisy main mission at the GDP Oil Platform in Aguas Lindas.

This is a shotgun with improved range and is able to take out enemies at a distance where other shotguns would fail. What’s more, is that it comes equipped with an extra-large classic silencer, and has improved damage mods.

Death Rites

The Death Rites is a unique AK47 found in a burning house in Madito. Maldito is on the shore of the island, but the main Mission “The New Revolution”, will bring you close enough to it to unlock it as a fast travel point.

This AK47 comes equipped with a recoil compensator, armor-piercing rounds, damage you deal with it heals you, and Headshot Supremo mod to boot.

There are still a lot of unique weapons left, these are some of the easiest to get and benefit you greatly. We also recommend pairing yourself up with one of the many resolver weapons! Really adds to the destructive firepower you can unleash.

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