Far Cry 6 Best Resolver Weapons Guide

Resolver Weapons in Far Cry 6 are essentially special weapons that come with strange but largely useful buffs. In this...

Resolver Weapons in Far Cry 6 are essentially special weapons that come with strange but largely useful buffs. In this guide, we will get you up to speed with the best resolver weapons in FC 6 so that you can kickstart your venture into this all-new iteration in style.

Far Cry 6 Best Resolver Weapons

There is a total of 11 resolver weapons in Far Cry 6, each one offering a certain perk to your loadout. The more you’ll use them, the better idea you’ll have on which one(s) is best for your ideal build.

Our guide below goes over the best resolver weapons in FC6. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.


Tostadar is the introductory resolver weapon that you acquire for free from Juan.

As a flamethrower, this weapon is not pretty hard to use. It has a decent range, and its fire scatters and lasts for quite some time, making your surroundings fatal for enemies. However, be very careful when using its fire attacks as they can sometimes get out of control.

La Clavadora

This is one of the three resolver weapons that gets unlocked when you reach Rank 3.

It is basically a crossbow that eliminates your foes in one shot and penetrates through them, killing any other enemy on the way as well. Therefore, for its best usage, look for a vantage point.

El Muro

It is a very handy shotgun that unlocks at Juan’s once you reach Rank 3. Although it lacks versatility, it makes up for that in close-range combat, where it’s practically unbeatable.

The trick to maximizing the use of this weapon is to keep moving and close in on the distance between yourself and your enemies.


Pyrotechno is a heavy-duty weapon that shoots missiles and is unlocked at Juan’s when you reach Rank 4.

Although this weapon can be difficult to control, the spray of missiles that it lets out is pretty devastating.

Moreover, if your missiles don’t connect, they produce a stun effect, preventing your enemies from fighting for a few seconds.

El Besito

Like El Muro and La Clavadora, El Besito becomes accessible at Juan’s when you reach Rank 3.

This weapon utilizes its poison ability to turn the enemies against each other. However, oftentimes, it can be a bit difficult to properly affect the enemies.

Once you acquire a bit of experience with this weapon, you’ll be able to utilize it get yourself some serious help, even in an ongoing battle.

El Susurro

Like Pyrotechno, El Susurro is unlocked at Rank 5 at Juan’s.

This weapon is basically a silent nailgun that is great at close-range, as well as a great addition to stealth builds.

If you connect a headshot with this gun, you get an instant kill. However, note that this weapon alone is not sufficient in full-fledged battles. So, always have a robust secondary weapon at your disposal.

Discos Locos

Available at Rank 6, this weapon works quite similarly to El Susurro by firing CDs silently at foes. Its decent range and precision, as compared to the previous weapon in our list, make up for the slow fire rate.


Available at Rank 7, this weapon is quite effective but rarely needs to be used.

It can disable vehicles with EMP energy, so, in a few missions in which you are up against tanks and helicopters, it can prove to be quite effective. So, whenever you are attempting such missions, do make sure beforehand that you have this weapon in your build.

El Pequeno

El Pequeno is unlocked at Juan’s once you reach Rank 8.

This weapon, although poor at accuracy, can annihilate just about anything in front, whether it’s swarms of enemies or a bunch of vehicles.

However, to avail its effectiveness, you’ll need to play your cards right and make sure that you are taking it in situations where you are up against plenty of opponents.

La Sorpresa

Available at Rank 9, this weapon works like a sniper rifle due to its usefulness from a distance.

It can deal with heavy blows from single shots. Hence, you can use it to get rid of the primary threats early on in the battle. After that, you can proceed with any other weapon and deal with the remaining enemies as you will.

La Varita

A medium-range weapon, La Varita is unlocked when you overcome the Triada Blessings mission.

It’s a highly damaging weapon that becomes even more destructive after being coupled with the Triador Supremo.

Triador’s ability to see through walls and La Varita’s ability to shoot through the walls and eliminate enemies in one go make for a deadly combo.