Far Cry 6 Tips to Become a Master Guerrilla

We have gathered some of the most useful Far Cry 6 Tips in this guide which will help you wreak...

We have gathered some of the most useful Far Cry 6 Tips in this guide which will help you wreak havoc across the island of Yara with maximum efficiency. There are a lot of mechanics in play here and players will sometimes feel overwhelmed but that’s what this guide is for.

Far Cry 6 Tips

We have spent a lot of hours on the island of Yara and have gathered some of the most useful Far Cry 6 tips for both new and veteran players of the series. Ubisoft has changed a lot of the combat rules and systems from previous titles.

There are many new editions to the game which make it a lot more fun and approachable for players. We will be telling you all about these features in this guide.

Unlock Supremo and Resolver Weapons

Far Cry 6 comes with a plethora of amazing and unique weapons which can be unlocked as you level up and play the game. Resolver and Supremo weapons can only be unlocked as Dani’s level increases. Once you level up, a new set of Resolver and Supremo weapons will be available for crafting with Juan or any of his subordinates.

You will need lots of Depleted Uranium to craft these weapons so be on the lookout for that as you complete open-world activities and missions.  These weapons are both fun to use and seriously overpowered so the grind for Depleted Uranium won’t go unrewarded.

Utilize Amigos

Animal companions are not a new addition to the series yet they are still quite buggy. Far Cry 6 offers a lot of companions that you can use in combat and while exploring but they sometimes lose track of you so, be sure to call them back if that happens.

Your amigos will also unlock new abilities as you use them. Some abilities unlock automatically while others require you to command them. You can check your amigo’s next ability and its prerequisites from the “Amigos” tab in the main menu.

Supply Drops Are Yours to Loot

Oftentimes, you’ll see smoke in the air and a parachute dropping a crate. Those are supply drops for the military that you can loot. They will often be unguarded and yours for the taking provided you arrive there quickly and leave before the opposition shows up.

You can also hear about upcoming supply drops from random people who you help but these supply drops will most likely be guarded so might have to fight your way out with the materials.

Spend Time Upgrading Your Camp

The camp building mechanic in FC 6 can help you unlock many useful abilities and tools to use. You can build different things around the settlement and each of them will offer a unique reward or ability.

  • The Hideout Network: Unlocks Wingsuit and lets you purchase Fast Travel points.
  • Guerilla Garrison: You can find Recon Laptops at vantage points to help with scouting.
  • Fishing Hut: Unlocks fishing spots across the map.
  • La Cantina: Let’s you trade meat for special meals.
  • Bandidos Barracks: Lets you recruit bandits that help secure resources automatically.
  • Hunter’s Lodge: Unlocks hunting spots across the map as well as a trader for the skins you collect.

Once you unlock these buildings, you can further upgrade them by talking to the foreman to gain additional services and abilities to use during your adventures across Yara.

Mind the Heat!

As you destroy Castillo’s supplies and capture his bases, your wanted level will rise in each region and the higher it goes, the more opposition you’ll face. You can keep track of it next to the mini-map.

If your heat levels climb up to the maximum, Castillo will send his best men to hunt you down and then you will die in a matter of minutes. To cool off, you need to stay off the main roads and avoid combat.  You can use the Libertad routes to avoid enemies and reach your settlement safely.

Pay Attention to the Ammo Types

Far Cry 6 has introduced an ammo-type system where different enemies are vulnerable against different ammo types. Some enemies go down easily when shot with soft target ammo while others require armor-piercing rounds.

You should equip at least 1 weapon of each ammo type to keep things diverse and have the ability to deal with any situation. And your special weapon should be able to cover helicopters and tanks as those will spawn regularly as you progress into tougher areas across Yara.

Loot Properly

You can find useful materials, ammo, and weapons wherever you go on the island so make sure that you pick up everything as it’ll serve you sooner or later when you want to craft weapon upgrades, base upgrades, or trade these materials and resources for Pesos.

That is why you should always be on the lookout for material chests and any other kind of loot you can get your hands on.

Effectively Traversing the Map

The island of Yara is huge and you will often need to go from one region to the other. Make sure that you are using the correct means of transportation as some regions have dense forests where only horses can go while others have canal networks where your speed boat works best.

You can also use grapples, wingsuits, and parachutes to cover large distances with ease. Fast traveling from one outpost to the next one is the most effective and quick way of navigating the island but requires you to capture those checkpoints and outposts beforehand.

Treasure Hunts are Rewarding

There are 21 Treasure Hunts you can complete in Far Cry 6 to earn unique weapons and other items. They require you to scale and navigate through different locations or solve puzzles but the reward at the end is always worth it. You can unlock some of the best weapons, gear, and other customization items through these treasure hunts.

Stealth Tips

Some of us prefer the sneaky way around outposts and forts and Far Cry 6 fully supports and often encourages you to use stealth. There are a lot of things you can do to successfully infiltrate an enemy outpost without alerting anyone and these include:

  • Scouting Ahead: Each major enemy stronghold has a vantage point for you to use and mark enemies, cameras, and alarms before you infiltrate them.
  • Disabling Alarms: As you make your way inside, the first thing you should do is disable all of the alarms to prevent reinforcements from arriving.
  • Using Suppressors: Weapons can be equipped with different qualities of suppressors which determine how quickly they will wear out and how much noise reduction they offer.
  • Stealth Takedowns: After infiltrating, you should focus on taking out secluded soldiers using your machete first to ensure that you face less resistance if you are spotted.
  • Using the Environment: You can often unlock caged predators or destroy fuel tanks around the enemies to catch them off guard and eliminate them quickly.

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