Far Cry 4 Outposts Guide – Liberate All Outposts, All Clear, Deliver Us From Evil

How to liberate all Far Cry 4 Outposts to unlock All Clear and Deliver Us From Evil achievements or trophies.

Outposts in Far Cry 4 are actually one of the key strengths of Pagan Min.

Conquering them means you are eating away his power. After you get rid of enemies in a certain outpost, the area around it will start to show lesser number of enemies.

More importantly, clearing each outpost is going to get you more quests, activities as well as a new safe house.

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Far Cry 4 Outposts

Naturally, all the outposts in Far Cry 4 is different from each other and so is the playstyle of everyone who is taking them on.

That’s why our guide will be giving you valuable tips and strategic information about each one of them along with some specific points that you can use to maneuver the battlefield.

What you do with all this is purely up to you.

Barnali’s Textiles

Map Coordinates: x:446 y:687

Based around a single house, Barnali’s Textiles is one of the smallest, simplest and easiest to find outposts. However, simplest doesn’t really have the same meaning here as the dictionary.

This is the kind of place where you can easily take the stealth route with a lot of sniping. That is of course if you don’t want to go in guns blazing ad take out all the barrels to cause a racket.

You could get rid of the alarms in place on the western walls of the building with a sniper rifle; and then hop inside through the door on the north.

For this however, you will have to take care of the two berserkers who are in the shed on the south western end of the outpost and the top of the shed next to it respectively.

There also are perfect places for sniping from inside the house but you will have to take care of the rocketeer on top of the stairs inside.

Throughout your time at the outpost, keep an eye out on the southern side of the map as that is where the reinforcements will come from.

As far as the enemies in the outpost are concerned, they are not stationary. The rocketeer sometimes leaves at night to go eastwards and then there is this berserker near the west wall that likes to visit a guy under the stairs.

More importantly there is the dog, you’d better take care of him early so that he doesn’t warn the enemies about you. The dog would stay at the digging point or go to the eastern wall; he would also go and stay at the raised area in the east.

You could use a bait to lure the dog to a side and take him out. Last but not the least, try and tag all the enemies beforehand.

Bhirabata Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:533 y:810

The outpost is divided into two levels; one is on the west and the other on the east. One way to enter would be through a gap in the wall on the North Eastern side of the outpost.

It would be preferable if you get to the eastern side first as it is on a higher elevation and there is a chance that your stealth skills could help you get rid of the enemies here before anyone on the western side notices.

One way to do this would be to get on top of the wall beside the entrance (on the right side) and go further east. Up here you will find two snipers, a flamer and a defender.

You will come across all four of them in the same order as above but there will be two alarms on your way too. One will come before the first sniper and the second after the last defender.

You get rid of all these, and you capture the whole eastern level, including the machine gun!

Furthermore, remember that there is a mortar on the eastern side and even when you are in the western side of the outpost, it will be able to get you.

Then there is the western side, which is mostly covered by the flamers.

Flamers will keep roaming around the place, and you could take them out by sneaking up from behind them once you have gotten rid of the imminent danger at the hands of the snipers.

For instance, the hut in the south-eastern side off the outpost can provide you with a good place to stay, and stealth kill the flamers that would roam around in the open.

Do remember that it is not just about the enemies inside the outpost; two waves of reinforcements will come in from the west with the second, including helicopters.

A last tip: you can use the caged bear in the eastern side against the enemies if you get rid of the defender next to it early.

Border Observation Post

Map Coordinates: x:810 y:665

This out post is actually a cluster of many buildings and there are no short cuts here; the place is big! On top of that, it is filled with a variety of enemies and weaponry, including mortars and rocketeers.

While that actually makes it a real task, it also makes it easier for you to navigate around with a lesser risk of being spotted; the number of enemies is less if compared to the size of the outpost.

So first off, it would be advisable if you locate the three alarms and take them out. The two alarms on the rooftops are guarded, but you can snipe them down easily. Getting to the alarms will be easy thereon because both have ladders.

There also is a zipline that you could take from the North Western side to get to an alarm on a rooftop. Taking out the defender, this could be the perfect location for you to snipe around.

Two other things that you will need to beware of are the guards that could stay hidden inside the alarm rooms and the mortar atop the building in the center. It has a very long-range and sadly; it can hit almost everywhere.

Here’s an interesting tip, try taking on the defenders from the north, because somehow they tend to keep looking out for you from the south.

Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for the reinforcements that are going to come in from the west.

Keo Gold Storage Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:438 y:816

The added complexity that this outpost has, lies underground. This is the first enemy base that has a basement which means it is not the ground level that you need to worry about.

Before that however, you have to clear the ground. There are two alarms and as always you could take them out first so that the enemies in the basement don’t get warned.

One of the alarms is on the North Eastern side of the main building a little towards the building from the entrance area of the basement. Here, it would be a good idea to take out the defender who hangs in the woods first.

Once you get rid of the defender, and you’d rather lose the stealth cover, you could use the fuel tank next to the main building in front of you.

The other alarm is on the southern front.

This side, however, will bring more enemies, including a constantly moving flamer, some defenders that can go as far as the cabin on the southern side and a charger from the basement.

All this being said and done, you can take care of the basement by quickly mining two of its entrances and by camping the third.

In the end, you must remain cautious of the reinforcements; there will be two waves where the first one comes in from the south followed by another from the south-eastern side.

However, the mortar atop the main building should help you level the ground with the reinforcements. You can get to it using a ladder that is on the other side of the main building from where the fuel tank and first alarm are.

Keo Logging Camp Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:421 y:758

This outpost is mostly around the couple of main buildings in the middle that make up one side of the area while the other side is littered with logs and a couple of cabins.

Go at them one by one.

For instance, you should go to the shack on the south western side of the map ahead of the logs and snipe down as many enemies you can from there. You could easily get the guards on the south, west and eastern side as well as the hunter and an alarm box (second one explained below).

As always, it would be good if you manage to get rid of the alarms first. There are two. There is one in the middle of the two buildings, near the end of the one on left if you come in from the north.

The other one is on the left and is even more hidden. It is between the alley like path between the two buildings on the left, look out for speakers to find it.

Coming at the outpost from the northern road, you see a small cabin on the road’s right side; there is an assaulter here and then looking on top of the building in the front.

You will find a hunter on top of the building on your right. You should ensure that you get rid of one of him as soon as possible.

You could also take down the guard and the flamer beside the main building first and then go inside to snipe down the hunter and an alarm.

In the end, don’t deal with the snow leopard before you have taken care of the hunter and the nearby alarm. Otherwise, the first wave of reinforcements will charm him.

Last but not the least, make sure you keep a look out for the first wave of reinforcements coming in from North Eastern side and the second driving in from the north.

Keo Pradhana Mine Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:692 y:624

There are a lot of things that you need to understand this outpost first. For instance, it has a lot of elevation changes, a lot of curvy walkways, multiple entry points into the different areas and a vast variety of enemies.

As far as the alarms are concerned, there are three; the first is on the building in the north which has a defender on top and a machine-gun nest facing the main building.

The second one in on the building facing the main building’s balcony towards the east. While the third is next to the small shack like building towards the south-eastern side of the map.

If you get to the balcony of the main building, you can take out all three of them with your sniper rifle. However, make sure you are quick, there are defenders near the first and the third alarm, and they could spot you.

The outpost also has some dead ends or otherwise spots that you can use to your advantage for holing in or sniping. The tunnel in the north (with a defender in front) can be used as a last resort to lure in the enemies if you have enough fire power; however, remember it is a dead end.

Then, you could get to the southern fence, locate the hole in the fence and snipe down as many of the enemies as you can. However, there also are ledges in the North Western side that provide a nice stealth entrance into the area.

In the end, there are three waves if reinforcements that you need to worry about. The first is on foot coming in from the west, the second drives in from North Western side and finally a helicopter comes in.

Kheta Manor Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:446 y:452

This outpost isn’t too big; it is based around a mansion that has poppy fields all around it. There is only one alarm on the northern side of the area.

What you can do is take the poppy fields for cover and go in hidden, what you might not want to do is to try and snipe through the hills because the house will not let you see clearly.

You also won’t get anything out of the stairs on the back side of the main building as there is no vantage point and the door is locked shut.

That being said, the heavy gunner is going to be a troublemaker, he walks around the whole area and drops boatloads of shells. You could take him out by placing a mine on his path. Then again, you could always try and take him out by going to the broken parts of the southern wall.

Talking off, there also is a broken wall on the eastern side, you might want to use it to get inside and maybe get a shot at the alarm.

Lastly, you could take care of the reinforcements that will come in from the western fields by placing mines on their paths. This will drop their numbers and give you an advantage.

Khilana Bazaar Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:298 y:426

While the rest of the outposts are not a part of the main story, this one is. It is a based on a couple of buildings packed together.

There are three most important things you need to know, there is an amazing sniping point up on hills to the north, and you can use it to take down the alarm on the building facing you while you snipe.

Then things get better, on the eastern side of the outpost, on top of the cliff, there is a buzzer. You can fly with it over the outpost and use a grenade launder to raise hell everywhere.

Lastly, there is an elephant! On the western edge of the outpost, you will find him caged – naturally it shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Just set him free and see him wreak havoc.

Moving on, there are two berserkers that are usually close to the road in the middle of the area and two assaulters on either side of the road towards the eastern side (next to the two small shacks on either side of the road).

Lastly, there are two defenders on the western side of the map. On is usually inside the trees to the south and the other is usually beside the two cars parked on the road.

Kyra Tea Terraces Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:394 y:328

Stealth is usually great, and will do well in most part of this outpost too, but here, it comes with some additional risks. The place is filled with poppy fields, but while you are going through them, some hungry Bengal tiger might want a meal unless you have a way to overcome that problem.

Alternatively, you could go in from the north and get rid of the truck-mounted mortar with a rocket launcher and the multiple guards looking right at you.

There are a couple of cracks on the upper western side of the wall that could get you to the alarm and some of the enemies if you can get to the building next to the hole in the wall on the North Western side.

Once inside, you should look for the alarm pole on the northern side and make sure you keep a track of the defender in the central area. He goes around the house towards the fields to the table under the shelter and then back to the center of the road.

You will also find an elephant on the eastern fields; may be ride in right into the outpost? Beware of a defender inside the building on that side though!

As far as the reinforcements are concerned, you will get two trucks coming in from the east. Make sure you have a plan for them when they arrive.

Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:345 y:379

There are a lot of strategic points on this one. For instance, if you came in at night, you could get to the stone foundations beside the river for cover.

From there you could take the ladder on the back of the building and drop down from the hold to stay hidden. You could go up and snipe at your own terms.

When you are done with the building, you could blast the propane tank inside it and also take out the one on the patio on the other side of the road.

Another side you could take to approach the area is from the west where the hills will let you snipe all over the place. This is also the side where the alarm is. Look for it on the poles next to the raised patio.

Oh and you could always ride the elephant on the most northern side beside the river and charge into town. Keep a look out for reinforcements that will come in two trucks from the south. Use explosives!

Lhumtse Barracks Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:783 y:605

This outpost is all about getting to an elevation that benefits you. It has trenches, cliffs and whatnot. So make good use of them.

To start off you might want to take out the mortar on the roof of the main building before getting in a sniping position atop the hills. However, there is going to be little cover, so why not try out the dingy alleys instead.

You could also make use of the wolves with a bait, but stay aloof as they can attack you too. Then, there are heavy gunners at both the ends on the south. They can be taken down separately if you lure them to a side.

An interesting tip: when you get rid of the enemy controlling the mounted gun, you will see that more of them will keep coming to the roof to take charge. So find a sniping point and keep killing them off,

There are three alarms, and they are on top of the roofs. Use ladders to get to them.

In the end, you will have to face three waves of reinforcements; One drives in from the south, the other drives from the west and the third from south again, only this time they have a grenade launcher.

Namboche Monstery Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:804 y:726

This one is going to be a real task, the outpost itself is on top of a mountain, and a lot of reinforcements will come in.

Taking out the guy handling the mortar on top of the building in the south means you can use it to attack the reinforcements as well as save yourself from being targeted when you enter the northern side, i.e. where the majority of the enemies are.

You can enter the area from the southern cliff by grappling up and take the mortar as well as take out the alarm. Use the gap to enter, and then get to the top of the building.

Alternatively, on the northern side, you could get in through the stairway on the extreme top of the map. There are a lot of enemies here but make use of the numerous stairs if you can.

As far as the chargers are concerned, you could also take them out with explosives when they get together in the clearing on the northern side in front f the main building.

There will be three waves of reinforcements; the first one has snipers, flamers and chargers. The second has two technicals with grenade launchers, and the third will attack you with two helicopters!

Open Hearts Clinic Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:386 y:674

The place is closely packed with buildings, but you have a sniping point at the top of the hills in the North Eastern side. This is where you can target both the hunters and also get the bear to help you by freeing him.

The mortar will be in the view from here as well. What you might want to avoid is to go head on from the road on the North Western side. There is a turret with a guard and a gun on that path.

You can go in from the wall on the south western side and get to some of the alarms from there.

Inside, there is an assaulter up front (he also goes on rounds) and a hunter on the right. It would be a good idea to lure them towards the wall and take them out one by one.

There are two waves coming at you. The first one takes the stairs on the eastern side and brings hunters. The second wave brings a technical that will come to the bear cage and a heavy Gunner in a pick up.

Pokhari Ghara Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:552 y:747

This is a small village that has closely built houses and a lot of ladders taking you up to the roof tops – you could use a good vantage point.

For instance, maybe go in from the east and then go up to the house by turning north. It has ladders that can lead you up and allow a good spot to shoot down two snipers and even two alarms.

The same can be done through a hole in the eastern wall just south of the stream of water. This is also the side where you could come in contact with a heavy gunner and the mortar will also be in range.

There are five defenders that keep circling the whole area, you will need to sneak up and get rid of them or lure them to a side and take them down one by one silently.

Last but not the least, there will be two waves of reinforcements. Two technicals coming in from the south-eastern side and then two more from the north that bring two snipers as well.

Pranijagat School Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:350 y:625

One of the simplest ways to get this one done would be to camp. Here’s how: there is a gap in the fence on the north, go through to the house using the steps and then let the enemy know you are here by blasting the barrel on the floor below.

Keep shooting out at them, and they will finally figure out where you are and come out at you in the open. You can snipe them one by one.

However, you could go stealthy and enter from the North Eastern side where you are met with a single defender. Beside the small house, you can get rid of the first alarm and then get under the awning when the area is clear to get to the second alarm.

This can also be done by taking the archway in south west to hit the alarm and then by going up the main building through the stairs on its back. Here you will get a clear view of the second alarm.

Two other things are also important, the pyro in the center as it has a long range and the barrel in the center that you can use to your advantage whenever you want.

Reinforcements will come in two waves, the first one on foot from the North Eastern side and the second in the shape of two technicals from the south.

Rochan Brick Co. Shipping Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:394 y:503

You will be better off if you cover up two or three areas in this outpost separately instead of going in head on. For instance, there is a defender of the North Eastern hill, he is aside from everything else, which is why you will have to put him down first.

A little south from there you can use your sniper rifle to get rid of one of the alarms and maybe even an assaulter from the main building.

If you manage to do all this, you stand a chance to head to the roof of the main building using the zip line that will give you an awesome spot for sniping.

Another strategically important point is the building on the south western side. Once you get rid of the assaulter inside you can take the ladder (on the outside towards the west) and go up to the hole that can give you cover while you snipe.

Other than that, you could also make use of the elephant near the southern road; you can either ride it in or scare it from the south to make it go into the outpost.

Do remember that you can mine the path of the reinforcements will come in the form of two trucks from the eastern road.

Rochan Brick Co. Storage Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:440 y:543

You might want to getup on the eastern cliff if you wish to get rid of the alarm and the enemies guarding it along with the sniper that sits atop the main building.

Alternatively, you could do something else with the alarm; it is on the North Eastern edge of the main building. You could get to it through a hole in the east fence and get rid of the enemies there by sneaking up to them.

If you do stay up there on the cliff, the enemies will soon find out about the dead bodies and naturally go panicking while you get more target practice.

If you don’t do so, you will have to get to the two berserkers inside the building maybe by going on top off the shack in the North Eastern side of the map and dropping down the hole right on top of them.

You will get a technical as well as trucks of enemies against you in the form of reinforcements. They enter from the south-eastern side of the map, and if you happen to be on a rooftop, you can get them with the barrel that they will cross.

Royal Guard Kennels Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:604 y:708

It is a kennel so obviously you will have a lot of dogs around the place which makes it hard to be stealthy.

However, you could try a few things. For instance, lure the guard on the north after you enter the area from the gate on the east and kill him separately.

There also is a sniper, you can sneak up behind him by taking the ladder up to his building from the eastern side. He assaulter on the outside can also be taken down if you know his route and wait for him to come to a quieter side.

Then again, you might not want to be stealthy so why not take out the mortar first and use it to turn almost every enemy into plump.

As far as he dogs are concerned, you would know by now that a shotgun would do you more good with its larger spread of shots.

Reinforcements are going to come in the form of a jeep and a technical that will hit you from the eastern side of the map.

Royal Raksi Brewery

Map Coordinates: x:553 y:534

The best way to deal with the hunters and the guards, here is with an elephant. Find him around the northern side, may be beside the river, and ride him or just scare him into running down the place.

An almost perfect sniping point waits for you a little ahead of the dock. Grapple up and you will find yourself in a position to hit the alarm and two hunters.

However, you also might want to get to the northern side and use the booth like room to snipe down a few baddies.

Just remember that the defenders might change their places, especially the one that is stationed near the campfire, he often goes inside the house.

Similarly, the assaulter that is supposed to be stationed on the road will take rounds on the western side of the map. Lastly, beware of two technicals bringing in reinforcements from the north – through the bridge.

Sahi Jile Checkpoint

Map Coordinates: x:669 y:764

This is a heavily defended outpost, so it would be preferable if you take out as many enemies from afar as you can before going in.

For this, you could take cover behind the big boulder on the western side and get rid of all three alarms as well as their guards from the southern and northern side of the boulder.

There is a zip line that you can use to get to the rooftops where you can further aggravate things for them. Furthermore, remember that causing a distraction elsewhere using the barrels or a well planted C4 could bring out the enemies for you to shoot.

Two things that will benefit you greatly in this outpost are the mortar on the southern building and the numerous explosive barrels. Make good use of them when things start heating up.

If you re trying to stay stealthy, you could make use of the multiple small rooms all around the two bigger buildings as they are not guarded normally.

There will be three waves of reinforcements coming at you. The first one walks in through the south; the second has three technicals (you might want to be handling the mounted gun when they come), and the third one has two RHIBs out of the water as well as a helicopter.

Could anything help you more than the mortar against them?

Seven Treasures Ashram

Map Coordinates: x:432 y:394

There isn’t anything special about this outpost, just a few vantage points and the usual precautions you would take for any outpost.

There is a hut on a ridge on the south western side of the map. If you can get the sniper up there, you can use the place to get the hunter beside the caged tiger and the assaulter.

You might want to use the caged tiger on the west for your benefit, but kill the hunter beside it first (the tiger will come at you otherwise!).

Moving on, you can also get the hunter and an assaulter from the fence on the eastern side. Then there also is a doorway on the eastern side from were taking down the sniper shouldn’t be a problem.

The problem, however, would be that enemies would see his body.

Reinforcements are going to come in from the north, try and grab the machine gun on the main building when they come and make sure you get the hunter before he gets to charm the tiger.

Shanath Breeders

Map Coordinates: x:380 y:574

There is a lot of water here, and it brings opportunities for you.

One line of action that you can follow is to get here straight across the river and then get to the stairs (watch out for the guard though!) and once you are up on the top; you can snipe the alarm and free the elephant too!

There is another way to enter the area; through the plains while using the bushes for cover. Here, you will get clear shots of the guard at the docks and the butcher.

If you don’t like either plans, maybe get to the hills on the south western side and try sniping some enemies through the leaves.

Going a little to the west on the hills will allow you to take down the alarm too. Two trucks of reinforcements will come in from the west, but they will split up so that they enter the area from the north and the south separately.

You stand a better chance at them if you get to the road yourself.

Shanath Training Ground

Map Coordinates: x:255 y:543

There are multiple tigers in this outpost, and it would be naive not to use them to your benefit. However, you will first need to get rid of the hunter.

In order to do so, you could get to the North Western corner of the outpost and hit the hunter with your sniper rifle. While you are there you can get rid of one alarm too.

If you wish to take care of the second alarm as well, all you will need to do is to walk towards the southern side while keeping close to the wall until you can get a shot at the second alarm.

This is also where you can shoot to free both the tigers!

Alternatively, you could also get to the higher road on the southern side and keep sniping at the enemies as well as the alarms form different spots until they have been greatly weakened.

Guess what, when they spot you, they will come at you and eventually put themselves out in the open for your target practice.

Moreover, there is amounted gun to the south western edge of the area, and you will benefit greatly from its circular movements.

As far as the reinforcements are concerned, the first wave will bring you a hunter so make sure you shoot him before he charms the tigers. It will come from the west. The second wave will hit you from the west.


Map Coordinates: x:675 y:699

Don’t take this one easy, it is a very closely knitted outpost and has a tendency to turn violent very easily.

You can enter the area from the east through a crumbling wall (watch out or the sniper!) that will take you to a tall building. When you get to its roof, the defenders on the north will be vulnerable.

The best thing that can happen to you on this outpost is the mortar that is heavily ranged and highly dangerous. So yes, you have to beware of it too!

There also is a snow leopard that sits caged close to the mortar, unless you have taken over the latter, I would suggest you shoot the lock on the cage from far away and set it free.

The leopard will most probably help you get rid of the sniper who sits on top of the balcony and a guard on top off a turret.

Reinforcements are going to come in from the south-eastern side first and then on the road to the north from the east side – this one has two technicals and a truck. Lastly, you will be facing a helicopter.

Talking of taking on the reinforcements, you could make use of the machine gun planted up north to deal with the technicals and the truck.

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