Far Cry 4 Hunting Quests Guide – Hunting Animal Locations, How to Kill

Complete walkthrough of Far Cry 4 Hunting Quests with Hunting Animal Locations and how to kill these animals.

Hunting in Far Cry 4 is not only needed to craft upgrades but there are also optional missions where players have to kill a certain number of animals in an area.

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Far Cry 4 Hunting Quests

The missions are divided into three categories each with their own unique main objective: control, supplies and survival.


These quests revolve around players killing a certain number of animals, sometimes in packs, in multiple areas. Players can choose to tackle the areas in any order they desire.

This quest starting from (x:446 y:605) has players killing Dholes. Just outside the arena they will find a yak herder who offers the quest.

Once players reach the target site, they should harvest red and blue flowers to craft syringes as they will be useful. There are two target sites, the cave to the southeast being the easy one.

The dholes in the cave appear in clusters of two to four which means managing them is easier however the area to the north is challenging as the dholes move in a herd.

Players should lay down mines to kill any dhole that passes over it and start shooting at them from a distance using a powerful scoped weapon which has a high rate of fire.

Shotguns are also effective but only if an animal gets too close.

This quest begins from (x:499 y:372) and players will be hunting honey badgers for a fur trapper who lost his wife to the animals.

A shotgun or a flamethrower works great in this mission. When players approach the target site, they can take ammo from a nearby truck.

There is no real strategy to use in both the target sites besides moving slowly and using a weapon with a wide area of damage as honey badgers are really fast and dodge a lot.

A hunting syringe is also useful in seeing the locations of the animals and to avoid the bees’ nest near the western part.

Players will kill Pit Vipers to avenge Anuj’s brother (x:492 y:758). A hunting syringe is critical here as pit vipers are small compared to other animals and hide in places where it’s difficult to spot them without the syringe.

The cabin to the southwest of the target area has around a dozen snakes in it.

As players clear both the locations, Pagan Min’s soldiers will also appear to attack them but killing the snakes and soldiers shouldn’t be a problem with weapons like a shotgun.

West of Sahi Jile Checkpoint
This quest is given by an ex-prisoner at x:642 y:759 who strapped a few Macaques with proximity mines and the monkeys are now running around the areas.

Players have to kill the monkeys while making sure to avoid getting close to them or letting them get close. Both sites are filled with monkeys and it is possible that enemy soldiers might also appear in the vicinity.

Players can stock up on ammo from an overturned jeep. The best way to complete this quest is to stay far away from the monkeys and hit the ones difficult to target.

The mines strapped to their bodies can also be shot at to explode them or players can simply throw grenades at the explosive barrels and then use a shotgun to kill off the few survivors.


Like the name suggests, these quests are oriented towards killing animals and looting them for supplies such as meat or pelt.

The meatcutter standing at (x: 447 y: 607) provides the quest and players have to hunt some wild boars with a bow and deliver their meat. Players can swim over to the objective marker or use a boat, after they have picked up the bow and arrows.

It takes about two good shots to kill a Wild Boar, the first one to land should be easy as players have the element of surprise. After killing six boars and looting their meat, players need to drop it off at a freezer to finish the quest.

For this quest starting from (x:497 y:369) players need to kill Sambars with a bow and arrow or an auto cross to provide food for the villagers.

Sambars are faster than boars so players might want to be careful. Two good shots should be enough to take them down. After securing meat from 3 killed sambars, players can return it to complete the quest.

Bharals in this area have destroyed crops so farmers now need meat to eat. Starting from (x:492 y:758), players need to use a bow and arrow or an auto cross to find and kill the animals.

A zpiline near the ammo chest leads them to water’s edge where bharals can be found. Players need to kill a total of 4 of them but they are scattered around.

Hunting syringes come really handy here in finding them easily. Bharals are weak so one arrow is enough to kill them. After getting the kills, players need to turn in the quest at the freezer.

There might be some snow leopard near it luckily they can be killed with whatever weapon players choose to use.

West of Sahi Jile Checkpoint
As with other quests, players have to use a bow and arrows to finish this quest which beings from (x:642 y:759) and has players hunting down Yaks.

The yaks should be easy to find by using the hunting syringes but they are tough compared to previous kills and require 3 good hits before players can skin one.

After looting a total of five yaks, players can finish the quest.


The most challenging of the hunting quests by far, Survival quests require players to keep at least one out of a group of three civilians alive while animals attack.

It’s not always easy as these civilians are very weak.

Border Observation Post
This quest begins at (x:810 y:663) where some injured rock climbers are under attack by Snow Leopards. Players should grab their preferred weapons as well as resupply molotovs and mines and rush to the climbers.

The leopards only attack from the sides so it’s a good idea to plant mines there. If a climber gets tackled by a leopard they are as good as dead so players should try their best to prevent that.

It’s easy to ensure the survival of one civilian here, the one on the upper ledge as she is out of range from leap attacks of the leopards.

An overdose syringe is also useful here as it allows players to kill the animals quickly.

Rochan Brick Co. Storage
An ambush of tigers is closing in on a trio of civilians near the river (x:439 y:542). With tigers flying all over the place, keeping even one civilian alive is pretty challenging.

Mines can be used to booby trap the side areas where the path is connected to the water. A rapid firing weapon like a LMG is really useful here to kill the tigers quickly.

Royal Guard Kennels
This quest is fairly easy as long as players have a high damage weapon and syringes. The objective is to defend three civilians near a bear cave (x:606 y:708).

A total of six bears appear in this quest, one from each side followed by two from the cave and then again one from each side, and killing them with assault rifles or a LMG shouldn’t be a problem.

Shanath Training Ground
Out of the three civilians here who players are supposed to protect from honey badgers, one of them is injured while the other two are fine and armed with AK 47s so defending those two shouldn’t be a big issue.

The first wave of badgers comes in from the north while the second one from the ascending path to the southeast. Instead of roaming around and looking for enemies to kill, players should stay with the group and let the targets come to them.

Once again two of the three civilians are armed as players fight against wolves at (x:674 y:699). There is however one problem, players are exposed from all sides so there is no telling where the wolves will attack from.

Mines are really useful here to cover flanks, especially the grassy area to the east near a boulder while players cover the roads to the north and southwest with their weapons.

This hunt takes place on a terraced field (x:506 y:430) with a good view in three directions and the attackers are Dholes, who can’t jump terraces so they come from highly visible paths which provides players with less area to cover and narrow lanes where they can shoot at.

Dholes are really fast though so mines, LMGs and a good shotgun are really useful here.

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