Far Cry 3 Vehicles Locations Guide

Learn the locations of all the vehicles in Far Cry 3 and decide which one best suits your play style to cause some mayhem

The harsh tropical island and neighboring broken lands in Far Cry 3 are just too vast for a bloke to strut around on bare foot so we prepared this Far Cry 3 Vehicles Locations guide to help you travel with speed.

Luckily enough, the ever-uninviting set of pirates and crazies that inhabit the island seemed to have brought some pretty slick methods of quick travelling, be it by land, sea, or air.

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Far Cry 3 Vehicles Locations


Land vehicles will be your most common methods of travelling from one place to another. The island is filled with different kinds of cars and stuff that works on internal combustion engines and it’ll be your best but most eventful method of travelling.

The good ol’ buggy is a fast way of going from one place to another.

It can get a little out of control due to it’s light weight and the confiscated terrain of a tropical island, but it’s a fine mix of speed and decent protection, though the latter is much less than most of the other standard land vehicles you can find on the island.

Buggies are found easily just about anywhere on the island. You’ll mainly find one at the Cradle Gas in the north Island and the yellow one is always parked at Lonely Shore in Southern Island which is quite easy to spot in the jungle.

Cargo Trucks
The big, heavy cargo trucks are ideal methods of troop transportation, and also great ways to dispose of bodies. What they really lack though is a decent speed.

These things are super slow for long drives, and should only be considered when you have a set of maniacal mercs spraying bullets at your face. Otherwise, opt for the Buggy or any other neighboring vehicle for better speed.

You’ll find these with most pirate-controlled territories, but it’s rare to find one in isolated regions.

Buggies and Cargo Trucks seem to be unconventional cars to drive in, especially when you come from a place where sedans are a norm. That’s why the island seems to have the Darrah in abundance, a civilian sedan car that you’ll probably end up riding more than the other vehicles because it’s just like Styrus when it comes to performance but cheaper when it comes on spending your money.

Sure, it’s not your every day Chevrolet or Ford Mustang, but on a sturdy hostile island you’ll take whatever you need.

Quad Bike
When you want to feel the breeze, and feel it with speed, you should try out the Quad Bike. It’s a super-lightweight one-man vehicle that’ll get you around from one place to another in no time.

But its lightweight makes it very fragile, and because of its uncontrollability, you’ll tend to hit a few trees and animals on the way more than you would like.

The Quad Bikes can be found in a lot of places – pirates seem to enjoy dangerous recreational vehicles.

The name of this vehicle really says it all. The Scavenger is a perfect vehicle for the power-hungry folks that inhabit the island.

It’s used by all factions, and the off-road driving capability makes them ideal for driven on uneven beaches and rough terrain. Of course, the added spice comes from the mounted machine gun, which works so well to mow down enemies.

Scavengers are often located in faction outposts, and you’ll encounter riders in them occasionally.

If you prefer hatchbacks instead of sedans, then perhaps you might want to the Stryus, an alternative civilian car to the Darrah. However, the Darrah seems to have more power, and this is probably just a dirtier, dustier version of that car.

But, you should take it whenever and wherever you find it, as it’ll more or less function the same way as the Darrah for long trips.

It’s certainly strange to name a Scavenger-alternative truck as ‘Technical’, but then again, there are much stranger things on this island than just that. The Technical is a lowered down version of the Scavenger.

It’s certainly better in protection than the Stryus and the Darrah (and everything else for that matter), but it just doesn’t have the punch that the Scavenger does. Still delivers the same outcome when ran over a human though.

Armored Personal Carrier
These tough armored vehicles will be often seen on the roads as the mercenaries use them a lot! Reason being, they offer greater level of protection than any other far cry vehicle!

The makers of the military grade vehicles sell them to anyone when they can make some good money out of it


When you’re near the island beaches, you might want to consider getting a boat or something to travel around the circumferential parameter to avoid unnecessary interactions with enemies and collisions with the many trees and animals on land.

Here are the few types of water-transport vehicles you’ll probably encounter:

Jet Ski
Small, elegant, and fast – these words define the simplistic jet skis. You’ll find them near bays and beach spots, and they’re great ways to go to the small clusters of land located around the central island region.

However, their speed gives them instability, and their design isn’t meant to withstand bullets and other mean projectiles, so you might want to consider something bulkier if you’re to face some hostiles.

Patrol Boat
Rusty and old, by the looks of things the Patrol Boat does well to just stand stable in the water, let alone boast a mounted machine gun that can perforate holes in all kinds of stuff.

Though it may look like an abandoned antique piece, the boat seems to have fairly good defenses because of its sturdy metallic build, and offers decent power with its weapon which shoot .50 cal bullets so what else do you expect other than pure destruction it causes.

Don’t expect it to go lightning fast though, as this thing is heavy as an anchor.

Patrol Boats are relatively difficult to find as compared to Jet Skis and RHIB. You can find them in the middle of the waters, and at times near some specific occupied shores.

The RHIBs outclass both the Patrol Boat and the Jet Ski in terms of stability and fire-power, but have less defense (but more speed) than the Patrol Boat.

You’ll find these on the western shores of the island, and they seem to have an answer for just about every redneck who wants a piece of you.

Air Vehicles

When it comes to Plateaus and high-altitude hills, nothing beats the thrill of gliding your way above enemy territories without even alerting a hair. Gliders are fan-favorite methods of traveling quickly – the thrilling way.

Thankfully for you, airplanes don’t seem to fly over the island, or you’d end up being sucked up by their engines. Helicopters are a different story though.

Gliders can be found in the northern high-altitude parts of the island, and are generally preferable over Helicopters as they don’t make enough noise to alert enemies.

Ever seen those flying squirrels? No? Go check them out on YouTube or something. Well, that is exactly what the wingsuit does for you.

You can only buy it at one specific point in the game though and that is when you reach Southern Island. It’s advisable to open the parachute when you are about to land if you wish to avoid a fatal injury

Helicopters mean business on this island, and when a faction sees it, they either panic, or take out their bazookas and try to fire at it, or both. While choppers are easily the fastest methods of transportation and perhaps assault, they are certainly the most vulnerable because of the amount of alarm they cause.

You may wish to fly one and dominate enemy’s lands but sadly you can’t. Quite a disappointing constraint in a battle oriented gameplay but you can interact with the gun mounted on the heli! To bring the heli down you must aim for the pilot.

Helicopters are rare to find. One is located in the central part of the island, west of the river that runs southwards.

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