Fallout 76 Wastelanders Buried Treasure Walkthrough

Inch closer to your goal and the great loot that awaits with the help of our Fallout 76 Wastelanders Buried Treasure walkthrough

Buried Treasure is the penultimate quest of the Wastelanders expansion main story. Your job is to lead Meg’s crew for the Vault 79 heist and claim all the loot. Here we have prepared the complete Fallout 76 Wastelanders Buried Treasure Walkthrough to help you out.

To start the Buried Treasure quest, you need to finish From Russia with Lev first and get your Vault 79 heist crew in order.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Buried Treasure

The objective of the Buried Treasure mission starts when you meet with Meg’s gang for the Vault 79 heist. You are going to start by entering a code for the door that is 407687.

This will open the gate and you can now enter the elevator. The elevator is going to take you to Vault 79. Now you need to go and team up with your mates and then head towards the vault.

Since the vault is closed. You will interact with Lou and ask him to blow the gate of the vault. He will ask you to step aside as he does so.

When you enter Vault 79, go towards the room with the computer system laid out and don’t forget to pick up the keycard for Vault 79 rooms.

Go ahead and take a left. You are going to come across a room where you will use the keycard.

Go inside and open the Circuit Breaker Lid and flip the breaker to open the door. Return back and you will hear firing. These are the laser out of the Laser Turret.

Go and destroy all these Laser Turrets and then meet with Johnny. Takedown the Eyebot behind you and activate the intercom.

Jonny is going to die and then you will coach Gail through the intercom who will go and sit inside the machine.

Your next objective will be to find AC in the Auxiliary Operation Center. You are going to encounter Colonel Gutsy and your way so be prepared.

If you die while fighting him then you will be making your way right from the start. You can wear the Power Armor Chassis before you continue your fight.

Once defeated, go down the stairs and again, take down the Laser Turret.

Take a left before the entrance of the Vault 79 Atrium. Explore the room and take whatever is needed. The atrium security will be triggered once you enter it and as defense measurements, you will be facing a lot of enemies.

Here you will be fighting the Legendary Bot enemy as well. Remember, if you die, you will be starting all over again. Once the Sentry Bot is down, you will be gaining the Regenerating Metal Chest Piece.

While you are fighting all the enemies, you are going to find a Footlocker. Open it and you will find a lot of useful items inside.

You are going to encounter Legendary Colonel Gutsy and Protectron Guardian in the Atrium. Once all of them are defeated, loot them and head to the Residential Area.

Climb down the stairs and takedown Colonel Gutsy on your way. Interact with Ra Ra and she will go inside the vent to open the door for you.

Explore the room and ask Ra Ra to open the other room as well. When inside the room, go and loot the corpse of the Secret Service Agent and you will finish the Fallout 76 Buried Treasure mission.

You can now proceed to the final mission of the main questline for Wastelanders expansion, Secrets Revealed.