Fallout 76 Wastelanders From Russia With Lev Walkthrough

Find out who betrayed you and to get your revenge in Fallout 76 Wastelanders From Russia With Lev quest with the help of this guide

Raider’s Vault heist have been sabotaged by Settlers, who offered some of the Raiders larger cut of the Vault Gold. Now it’s up to you to find out who betrayed you and to get your revenge in Fallout 76 Wastelanders From Russia With Lev quest.

To help you settle the score, we prepared this From Russia with Lev walkthrough to help out.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders From Russia With Lev

From Russia With Lev mission starts at Vault 79, Spruce Knob Campground Interior. To start the mission, you need to first make your way to Vault 7o and find Iou there.

You’ll face some wolves along the way. Once you get past them to the Vault 79, here you find Iou tied up, next to a Rabid Yao Guai.

As soon as you spot Iou, he asks you to save him from the Rabid Yao Guai, and with thus, the animal will charge at you. Shoot it dead, and then go and untie Iou. Speak to Iou.

At this point, Iou will tell you that Lev got Surge, Fisher and others to help him sabotage the plan to raid the Vault Gold.

He also informs you that Lev has the Detonator and that you need to go and retrieve it.

From here, fast travel back to Crater and tell Meg all about the betrayal. Meg is, of course, infuriated and plans to gather a team to hunt down the betrayers. She does tell you that before leaving, Lev spoke to three people. Barb, Creed and Axel.

She tells you to speak to these people and investigate them to get an idea of who is the mole. If you did get anything out of them, speak to Molly, the bartender.

As you investigate the suspects, Barb can be found right down the stairs from where Meg is. Go to her and talk to her. Barb seems to think that her brother, Creed is the mole.

Next, exit the Crater and talk to Creed. Creed will be lying about his knowledge of Barb and Axel’s involvement with Lev.

The third suspect is Axel. He claims that Lev hates Creed for protecting Barb from him, and that Barb is the snitch.

He will try to take the blame on his head but when pressed, he will not have any knowledge of Lev’s whereabout.

After you are done with all the investigations, you may or may not talk to Molly, as it is an optional choice. Once done, go to Barb and accuse her.

Press a little and offer to keep her confession a secret. She will tell you of Lev’s secret hideout and promise to stay away from him.

Head to Lev’s hideout, which is located in Poseidon Power Plant. Head in and takeout Lev’s gang.

Kill all of them and on the top of the underground hideout, kill Surge and loot their body to get the key to Lev’s hideout.

Confront Lev here. Lev will tell you that he was paid by a man named Rocco in Foundation to hand the detonator over to him. At this point, you will kill Lev, and you can loot the detonator off him.

Now either you can go back to Meg directly to handover the detonator and end the quest. Another option is that you go to Foundation and get information on Rocco.

Find him and ask him why they paid Lev to betray Meg. After your discussion with him, you can either spare him or kill him. Finding and confronting Rocco is totally optional.

After finishing From Russia with Lev, you can proceed to Buried Treasure and be one step closer to finishing the main questline of Wastelanders DLC.

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