Fallout 76 Wastelanders Secrets Revealed Walkthrough

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Secrets Revealed is the final mission of the main story of the Wastelanders update and here we...

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Secrets Revealed is the final mission of the main story of the Wastelanders update and here we have the complete walkthrough for it.

In Secrets Revealed quest, you’ll be with Jen and Sergeant Radcliff at the start and you’ll find some men trapped behind glass. You can start this mission after finishing All that Glitters main quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Secrets Revealed

After you find the men behind the glass, a dialogue will start between the two groups. You will come to know that they are men of Secret Service overlooking the Treasury department.

They tell you that the government ordered them to stay and protect the gold in Vault 79 and that they have been here since the reactor accident happened.

They are stuck inside the vault and ask you to restore the power to open the doors.

You will need to find the way restore the power. Head on to the power control room to meet Digger.

He will tell you his story and the method to restore power, which will be to ventilate the reactor room. To ventilate, he’ll tell you to go to the room overlooking the reactors.

Sneak around the edges to get to the room without taking much fights and radiation damage.

To enter the room, you will have to select the correct password. The correct one is ‘Belongings’. Then head into the room to activate the emergency ventilation process.

After the room is ventilated, you will have to find the gold processing room.

To make your way there, you will have to destroy the machine turrets and Assaultron Dominator in the reactor room. When they are destroyed, move to the marker to reach the processing room. Pick up the gold and then return to Digger.

When you go to Digger, return to AC and the group. A dialogue will start between them. Now you will have to help AC Decide Digger’s Fate.

You can either let him die or save him. Then interact with AC to start a dialogue. He will offer you military schematics in exchange for the gold. You can either try to keep the gold or get the schematics.

Your next objective will be to head to the Gold Operations Center. Here, Paige will arrive asking you for his share of the loot.

Choose one of the options to progress. To end the Secrets Revealed quest, talk to Paige, Jen and Radcliff.

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