Where to Find Minerva in Fallout 76 Steel Reign

The brand-new Steel Reign expansion in Fallout 76 has brought along a variety of new features including a new Gold Bullion vendor called Minerva. Our guide below takes a dig into everything you need to know about Minerva in Fallout 76, such as her locations, the days she’ll be available, and what she sells.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign Minerva Location

The all-new vendor in FO76, Minerva, works for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company in Appalachia. She sells rare plans and recipes at a reasonable discount in exchange for your Gold Bullion. Since Minerva is a caravan vendor, who rotates from one location to the other, finding her can be a tiring task.

Luckily for you, below, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding Minerva’s location in FO76 Steel Reign. So, let’s get straight to it!

How and When to Find Minerva

Minerva will only make an appearance around the map during two events, namely Minerva’s Emporium and Minerva’s Big Sale.

Minerva’s Emporium is set to run from Monday to Wednesday whereas Minerva’s Big Sale will allow you to look for her from Thursday to Monday. Also, it’s worth mentioning that during Minerva’s Big Sale, you’ll be able to get a 25% discount on all her items.

While the aforementioned events are active, you’ll have the chance to meet Minerva at the following locations:

  • Fort Atlas
  • Foundation
  • The Crater

Note that just as in the case of other vendors, Minerva’s locations will vary based on the server you join. So, if you’re unable to find her in the expected location, try logging in again and look for her on some other server.

Is Minerva the Same as Other Gold Bullion Vendors?

Minerva mainly functions pretty much the same way as all other Gold Bullion vendors. However, unlike the others, her inventory continues to rotate out so if you need something desperately, don’t wait and buy it as soon as you can.