Fallout 4 Level Up Fast Guide: Tips Glitches and Exploits

Will you use the legitimate methods or use glitches and exploits?

Fallout 4 offers players multiple ways to earn XP and level up. You can do quests, kill enemies, or build stuff to gain XP. There are some perks as well that give you an XP bonus, so you can unlock them as well to level up fast in Fallout 4. You can even use glitches and exploits if you want to make things faster and don’t want to grind in Fallout 4.

In this Fallout 4 guide, we will discuss legit tips along with exploits and glitches (cheats) that you can use to level up fast in Fallout 4. Let’s discuss the legitimate ways first.

Fallout 4 Legit Level-Up Fast Tips

If you wish to ‘Power Level’ in Fallout 4 the legit way, these small tips may help you out a bit:

Investing in the Right Perks

To acquire more XP, investing in ‘Intelligence’ and Level-5 Luck perk, Idiot Savant, helps a ton. For each point added in ‘Intelligence‘, XP gain is increased by 10 per cent.

You can also combine this with your hacking and lockpicking skills, which will net you a decent amount of XP for every successful lockpick or hack.

In addition to these, try to invest in ‘Charisma,’ which will allow you to resolve issues with dialogues- a massive XP generator- and acquire additional information, barter prices, and so much more.

Collect Those Bobbleheads to Increase Intelligence

As you might already know, Bobbleheads can give a permanent stats boost. You can collect them to increase your intelligence, granting you a bigger XP boost. Finding them, however, can be tricky, so you should use our Fallout 4 Bobblehead locations guide.

Crafting and Base Building

Although this may not sound much, you should pay heed to crafting in Fallout 4. Try to experiment with different things and continue to alter your pieces of equipment with small adjustments.

Doing so will net you a small quantity of XP, but then again, we need all that XP to level up fast. Furthermore, don’t stay confined to pieces of equipment. Extend these experiments to base building, and you’ll begin teeming with extra XP.

Resting Well

Throughout your journey, you’ll come across several beds scattered around the world. If you decide to sleep on these beds, you’ll regenerate your HP and acquire ‘Well Rested, ‘ which will grant you a temporary XP boost for a short time.

You can also do the same thing by sitting on chairs but note that the XP boost from chairs is only 5 percent. Another thing to consider is to find a familiar place where you’ll be able to put this XP boost to some good use — maybe find some enemies to grind.

Habit of Saving Your Progress

I absolutely love Fallout 4, but unexpected bugs suddenly come up. For this reason alone, you should have a habit of continuously saving your progress.

In this way, you’ll be able to amend your errors, explore otherwise inaccessible areas, return and find missing loot, and so much more.

You should continue to do this, and you’ll start doing better. By doing this, you’ll know the location of each enemy, will be able to acquire missed loot and will perform better for increased experience and rewards.

A couple of perks and traits increase the amount of XP acquired from almost any action. Instead of randomly choosing these, consider your playstyle and then select.

Best Glitches and Exploits to Farm XP in Fallout 4

As expected from a Bethesda game, Fallout 4 has a lot of exploits and glitches you can use to farm XP and level up fast. The more popular glitches and exploits revolve around building a lot of statues or specific settlement items like paintings.


Fallout 4 doesn’t have a level cap; however, it has been tested and reported that the game can crash if you go past level 65000. You will stop receiving SPECIAL points after level 50, which can be considered a soft level cap.

For an unlimited supply of materials required to execute these XP exploits, you will need to use the Fallout 4 “duplication glitch.” You can perform the duplication glitch at a merchant or drop items on the ground and simultaneously press the two buttons (different for each platform) to duplicate items. Each time you press the two relevant simultaneously, the specific material will double in your inventory. Once you have ample materials like copper or wood, you can start building items settlements to get huge chunks of XP. There are different ways to use this concept, so choose the one that suits you well. Here is a list of popular exploits and glitches that you can use to level up fast in Fallout 4, both in the early game and late game:

If you are playing on PC, you can also use the Fallout 4 level command to level up fast. You can use “player.setlevel [insert number]” command in your console box (press ~ key) and select the level you want to reach.

That solves your XP problems in Fallout 4, right? Now, you can focus on the challenge or task for which you needed XP in the first place.

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