Fallout 4 The Railroad Faction Quests Guide – Objectives, Tips

Complete walkthrough of Fallout 4 The Railroad Faction quests to complete all objectives.

Fallout 4 Railroad side quests become available once you’re inducted into this Faction. There will be moments where you can change your loyalty to the Institute to trigger a completely different line of side quests.

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Fallout 4 The Railroad Faction Quests

Below you can see all the side quest, their objective and how to complete them.

Road to Freedom
Objective: Go after Freedom Trail, look for the Railroad, speak with Desdemona.

You need to find the Railroad in order to fight The Institute. Go to Boston Common near the Part Street Station. Look for a board that reads “At Journey’s End Follow Freedom’s Lantern.” You will notice an “A7” Freedom Trail marker nearby.

Follow the red brick line along the sidewalk and search for Massachusetts State House and the marker “L4.” Now move along the trail to Old Granary Burying Ground and the marker “A2.” From there, move along the trail to Old State House and the marker ”O6.”

Keep following trails until you reach Old North Church and the marker “1R.” Reach the Freedom Trail Ring by following the lantern markers downstairs. Spell “RAILROAD” and make contact with Desdemona.

Objective: Meet-up and follow Deacon at the old highway, find the tourist, enter escape tunnel, obtain Carrington’s Prototype, meet Deacon at the Old North Church, talk to Desdemona.

Reach the Railroad HQ to speak with Deacon. The quest is about proving yourself to the Railroad Faction, so do exactly as you are told. Leave the area via the escape tunnel and go gather some information from the tourist deacon mentioned.

The Railroad’s old base is infested with Synths, follow Deacon’s instructions to complete the mission.

Underground Undercover
Objective: Upload encrypted message on any Institute terminal, see Patriot’s reply and meet, talk to Liam and Desdemona, enter report on terminal, speak with PAM, get the password and give it to Liam, eliminate tunnel guards.

You need to complete ” The Molecular Level” main quest and work with Railroad faction. Desdemona will give you an encoded Holotape that can be used at any Institute terminal to get in touch with Patriot.

Infiltrate the Institute and locate a terminal, insert the Network Scanner Holotape and read the message. Patriot wants you to be at the Advanced Systems maintenance room. Talk to Liam Binet and relay back to Desdemona.

You need to get the Code Defender’s password for a rescue mission. Speak with Desdemona at the Railroad HQ. Wilfred Bergman has what you need. Go to Cambridge Neighborhood and enter Cambridge Polymer Labs.

Go to laboratory C3 via C4 and access Bergman’s terminal for the codes.

Operation Ticonderoga
Objective: Kill Coursers.

When you complete main quest “Institutionalized” but before Railroad Quest: Precipice of War starts, you will be given the task to deal with Institute Coursers.

Check on Ticonderoga Safehouse, there are turrets, Synths and other threats in the area so tread carefully.

Precipice of War
Objective: Warn Desdemona and defend the HQ, secure the catacombs and church, meet Tom and the Police Station, deal with Brotherhood forces.

Railroad HQ is under attack, secure the area and head to the church to deal with more enemies.

Speak with Glory to enter the catacombs, shoot first think later and reach the church hall. Go west of the Cambridge Neighborhood to speak with Tinker Tom at the Cambridge Police Station.

From there, another battle will commence. Once the dust settles, speak with Tom and defend the Vertibird.

Rockets’ Red Glare
Objective: Fly to Prydwen, plant explosives and escape.

Man the minigun of the Vertibird and head for the Prydwen. Reach the gantry area and move to main deck via the flight deck. Plant explosives and leave.

The Nuclear Option
Objective: Kill all personnel in the relay control room, reach the reactor, override Institute lockdown, fusion pulse charge inside reactor, step into relay and use the detonator.

Speak with Desdemona and Z1-14 to start the mission. Relay into the Institute and go to the control room. Take down the Synths while moving through the Old Robotics area.

Search and drop from the hatch to access the Institute BioScience laboratory. Speak with father to get the password, hack the terminal override secuirty lockdown.

Move through the Institute Advanced Systems and reach the reactor. After a minor hick-up, plant the fusion pulse inside the reactor and destroy it before leaving.

Burning Cover
Objective: Talk to Desdemona and Preston

This side quest becomes available if your relationship with The Institute ends in violence before ” Underground Undercover.” Desdemona will ask you to speak with Preston who’ll explain his plans to deal with the Institute.

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