How To Get To West Liurnia In Elden Ring

If you are trying to find a way up the cliff to reach West Liurnia in Elden Ring, stop. The only way in requires you to complete a quest.

West Liurnia is one of the three expansive areas that make Liurnia of the Lakes, one of the largest regions you can explore in Elden Ring.

The terrain is mostly mountainous and you are going to be traveling through a lot of highlands. West Liurnia has many locations and secrets to uncover, including the Moonlight Altar and the Caria Manor.

Keep in mind that West Liurnia is a late-game location in Elden Ring. You should be at least level 60 or above to take on the enemies and quests here.

If you are fully prepared and fulfill those requirements, here is how you can get to West Liurnia in Elden Ring.

How to reach West Liurnia in Elden Ring

Similar to almost every other major location in Elden Ring, there are multiple ways to get to West Liurnia. Most players are going to opt for the more common but long way to reach this location. However, there is also a second, shorter way to instantly teleport to West Liurnia.

Use the West Liurnia portal

There is a sending gate in the middle of Liurnia of the Lakes that serves as the best and shortest way to get to West Liurnia. The portal location is just north of the Academy Gate Town or west of the Church of Vows.

Head to the marked location on the map above and use the portal to instantly teleport to West Liurnia. Even better is that you will teleport right next to the West Liurnia map fragment stele monolith.

Complete Ranni’s questline

Once you are done exploring most parts of Liurnia of the Lakes, you are going to notice that there is no way to get up the giant cliff in the southwest part of the map. This location is near the Albinauric Village and might even have some quest markers for you.

So, how do you get up the cliff to enter southwest Liurnia Elden Ring? You cannot. The southwest part of Liurnia is blocked until you complete Ranni’s questline.

Once you go through her quests, you will automatically teleport to the Moonlight Altar which lies on the top of the southwest Liurnia mountain. From here on, you can then explore the remaining parts of West Liurnia and do all of your remaining quests.

Take note that this is where you get to defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula.

West Liurnia map fragment location

You will find the West Liurnia map fragment on the way to the Caria Manor in the north. Make your way to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace and then head north towards the forest known as Kingsrealm Ruins.

The West Liurnia map fragment location is out in the open fields just before the forest in Elden Ring.

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