How To Level Up And Upgrade Summons In Elden Ring

You are going to know how to upgrade summons in Elden Ring because they lose their capacity to withstand damage from hard bosses over time.

Elden Ring consists of an in-game system called Summons. This system is regarded as an important element of the game and can turn the table on the opponent when engaged in a battle.  

With each summon, you can call various warriors and other creatures to deal damage to the opposition when faced with a horde of enemies during different boss fights.  

However, with time, these summonses will lose their capacity to withstand damage from higher-level enemies. Fortunately, Elden Ring allows you to upgrade these summonses and make them more powerful and viable for a longer time. Here is how you can upgrade summons in Elden Ring. 

How to upgrade a spirit summon in Elden Ring 

Upgrading the spirit summons is perhaps one of the easier tasks in Elden Ring. This task is divided into a few steps which you must complete. 

Visit the Stormhill Shack 

First, you must make your way to the location marked on the Elden Ring map above. The location you will be going to will be the Stormhill Shack situated in Limgrave. The shack can be easily spotted near Stormveil Castle. Head inside the shack to meet a red cloth-wearing woman called Roderika.  

Talk to her thrice in a row to receive the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. When you receive the item, she then assigns you a task to visit the Stormveil Castle. After the conversation is over, proceed to Stromveil Castle.  

Use the elevator in the Castle to head down the area and enter the room on the right. You will come across a pile of corpses with a few useful items and collectibles to gather.

These collectibles and items include 1x Lump of Flesh, 1x Chrysalid’s Memento, and 1x Golden Rune. Head back to the Stormhill Shack to collect the last item in the area which is 1x Golden Seed.  

Visit the Round Table Hold 

Once all items are collected, fast-travel to the Round Table Hold and find Roderika feeling lost near the fireplace. Talk to her and once the conversation has ended, talk to the blacksmith and choose the “About Roderika” option.

Return to Roderika, talk to her, and choose the “Tell her what the blacksmith said” dialogue option.    

Head back to the blacksmith and select the “Would you watch over Roderika?” dialogue option.

Lastly. Talk to Roderika again and rest at the Round Hold Table Site of Grace. This will refresh the instance and Roderika will now be found sitting next to the Blacksmith as a Spirit Tuner.  

Talk to her to upgrade your Spirit Ashes using the option called Spirit Tuning. 

However, to start the Spirit Tuning process and upgrade your Spirit Ahses, you just need to collect Grave Glovewort for Standard Ashes and Ghost Glovewort for Special Ashes 

Both the items grow in Catacombs areas located at the Murkwater Catacombs, Stormfoot Catacombs, Black Knife Catacombs, Tombsward Catacombs, and Impaler’s Catacombs. 

After collecting the required items to start the Spirit Tuning, you can use these items to level up the strength of each summon which will help you last longer in battles against higher-level bosses in Elden Ring. 

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