Elden Ring Teleporters and Traps Locations Guide

In this guide, we’ll list all the teleporter trap locations in Elden Ring as well as all the gateways.

Elden Ring has multiple teleporters that transport you directly to far off places. These come in the form of chest traps and as mysterious gateways. In this guide, we’ll list all the teleporter trap locations in Elden Ring as well as all the gateways.

Elden Ring Trap Teleporter Locations

These teleporters in Elden Ring are in form of traps and will teleport you to a higher-level area in the early game. Here are the three trap teleporters we know of as of yet:

Dragon Burnt Ruins

The first Teleporter trap on the list is the one in Dragon Burnt Ruins and is also the first trap many players fall for.

This trap will teleport you to Sellia Crystal Tunnels which is filled with strong enemies who will easily kill you in the early game.

Tower of Return

This chest is in the southern area of the Weeping Peninsula. In the Tower of Return, near the Walking Mausoleum, you can find this chest on top of the tower.

As soon as you interact with it, you will be teleported to the Divine Bridge in Lyndell. Here, you will find a Golem and a chest with a great talisman.

Academy of Raya Lucaria

The teleporter in the academy is not a chest but an enemy. From the rotation lift that takes you up, ride down from the other side and here, die to the Iron Maiden.

Upon death, you will be transported to Volcano Manor. This is an easy way of getting to the area if you aren’t following Rya’s quest, but try to avoid it in the early game as the enemies here are much harder.

Gateway Teleporter Locations

As you progress, you are bound to come across teleporters, square frames with a central round magic seal, that allow you to get to the next areas of progression.

Here are all the Gateway Teleporters in Elden Ring.

Academy of Raya Lucaria

Just before the elevator to the Grand Library in Academy of Raya Lucaria, the boss room of the academy, you will pass through a hall will two doors on each side.

The door on the right is open and here you can use the teleporter to get to Church of Vows in East Liurnia.

Purified Ruins

The teleporter is southwest of Liurnia Highway North grace. It teleports players to the academy entrance.

East Liurnia Gateway

This teleporter is east of the South Raya Lucaria Gate. Use it to get to the West Shore of Liurnia of Lakes.

The Four Bellfries

There are three teleporters here. All of them are close to each other and you won’t have any trouble finding them. All of them are locked behind Imp Seals and you will need Imbued Stone Key to unlock them.

The first leads to Crumbling Farum Azula. The second takes you to the Church of Anticipation, the area you start the game in. The last one teleports you to Nokron, Eternal City.

Academy Gatetown

The teleporter is towards southeast of Gate North Town. It can be found in a small building in the water and will take you to Northern Liurnia Lake Shore.

Renna’s Rise

The teleporter is found in Renna’s Rise, behind Caria Manor. It will teleport you to Ainsel River Main.

Laskyar Ruins

Head northwest from the Laskyar Ruin grace. The teleporter is in a small building and will take you to South Raya Lucaria Gate.

Impassable Bridge

On either side of the Impassable bridge, there are teleporters that will take you inside the Redmane castle.

Redmane Castle

A single teleporter is on the shore behind the Redmane Castle. You use this to get to Wailing Dunes and start the Starscouge Radahn boss fight.

Divine Bridge (Limgrave)

In Stormveil Castle, in the room behind the lion mini-boss fight, you can find this teleporter taking you from one end of the bridge to the next.

Divine Bridge (Lyndell Royal Capital)

You can get to this gateway teleporter from the Tower of Return trap teleporter. It will take you to the Divine Tower of Lyndell.

Mohgwyn Palace Gateway

This teleporter is southwest of the Ordina Liturgical Town grace. It will teleport players to an underground area beneath Caelid called the Mohgwyn Palace.

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