How To Get Taunter’s Tongue In Elden Ring

Taunter’s Tongue is an invader-luring device that can be used to call upon Bloody Fingers and reduce the time between invasions in Elden Ring.

Taunter’s Tongue is one of the 19 multiplayer items found in Elden Ring. This is a reusable item that can only be used after using another Multiplayer item known as the Furlcalling Finger Remedy which leaves a summoning sign for other players.

Both of these items are obtained after defeating a single boss known as the Mad Tongue Alberich, an invader, and sorcerer.

The Taunter’s Tongue is a useful item during online play as it allows players to summon more than one invader and that too without a summoning sign.

This guide will lead you to the exact location where you will face the Mad Tongue Alberich boss and obtain the Taunter’s Tongue along with the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Taunter’s Tongue location in Elden Ring

To acquire the Taunter’s Tongue, you need to go to the Roundtable Hold, a location only accessed through fast travel after it is unlocked through Melina, a mysterious maiden that acts as your guide.

To trigger Melina’s invitation to the Roundtable Hold, you need to complete any one of the given requirements:

  • Visit a Site of Grace anywhere in the open world except in Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Visit many Sites of Grace in Limgrave after summoning Torrent
  • Defeat Margit the Fell Omen, an optional boss encountered in Stormhill of Stormveil Castle

After you have fulfilled any of the three above-mentioned conditions, Melina will take you to the Roundtable Hold where you can wander off to find that coveted boss, Mad Tongue Alberich.

He will spawn in the main hall of the Roundtable Hold which can be reached by jumping from the balcony and waiting for him to make his Reverential Bow gesture.

How to defeat Mad Tongue Alberich in Elden Ring

Mad Tongue Alberich is a boss that comes with 2624 HP and 100 Poise Stats. He is completely immune to Sleep and has a Buildup Amount of 103 to Poison, Scarlet-Rot, Haemorrhage, and Frost Bite.

He carries a Scythe to inflict the Blood Loss Effect and the Staff of the Guilty for Blood Thorn Sorcery. Mad Tongue Alberich has a few melee attacks to cause hemorrhage but most of his powerful attacks are Magical Attacks that inflict Frostbite.

He has three main attacks; the Glintstone Iceberg, Freezing Mist, and Briars of Sin, all of which are immensely powerful and need to be dodged and avoided. Make sure to stay back to make it easier to dodge the boss’ next attack.

After you have taken down Mad Tongue Alberich, he will reward you with the following for your trouble:

  • Taunter’s Tongue
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • 1562 Runes

How to use Taunter’s Tongue in Elden Ring

Taunter’s Tongue is an invader-luring device that can be used to call upon Bloody Fingers and reduce the time between invasions.

Conventionally, players need a Red Summon Sign that lets other invaders into their world. With the Taunter’s Tongue, this is not required and you also do not need a Furled Finger Cooperator.

Typically, only one invader is allowed to enter with no room for a second one in PvP battles. Taunter’s Tongue negates this rule and allows the entry of another invader but the battle cannot become a 2v3 PvP as the entry of other allies is then prohibited.  

Take note that if Taunter’s Tongue is not working in Elden Ring, it is because you have to first enable “Furlcalling Finger Remedy” from the multiplayer settings in your Start menu. Your Taunter’s Tongue should activate once that option is enabled.

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