How To Get Snow Witch Set, Ranni’s Outfit In Elden Ring

The following guide will mark the location from where to find the complete Snow Witch armor set in Elden Ring.

Snow Witch Set or often referred to as Ranni’s Armor Set or Ranni’s Outfit, unlike other armor sets in Elden Ring features only a hat, chest, and leg. To get Snow Witch set in Elden Ring, you first need to look for Ranni, and offer her your services to complete Ranni’s questline until you have acquired ‘Cursemark of Death”. Once the questline is complete, you can now collect Snow Witch Set by traveling to Renna’s Rise.

Where To Find Snow Witch Set In Elden Ring

As mentioned before, you need to follow Lunar Princess Ranni’s questline and return to Renna’s Rise in order to find this armor set. Ranna’s Rise is a tower located to the west of Caria Manor. There are certain steps you need to take before unlocking the set.

As shown in the map below, the tower at the top is Renna’s Rise while the one below with the marker is Ranni’s Rise.

Snow Witch Armor Set location elden ring

The Ranni’s questline will only be available after the defeat of the Royal Knight Loretta boss in the Caria Manor. Once that happens you need to go west toward Ranni’s Rise.

Climb a series of staircases to the top of the tower and talk with Ranni. Agree to serve her and then head back down to the lower levels of the tower. Speak with all of the NPCs until all their dialogue options are exhausted and then go back up to the tower to talk to Ranni again.

After that, you need to search for the Fingerslayer Blade. This blade can be found within a chest at the Night’s Sacred Ground in the City of Nokron. This Fingerslayer blade must be delivered to Ranni, for which she will reward you with an item called the “Carian Inverted Statue”.

This item can be used to unlock an inverted version of the “Carian Study Hall” at the original hall, which is located west of Liurnia. You must then travel through the inverted version of the hall to reach the Divine Tower of Liurna where you will find another item called the “Cursemark of Death” at the top.

After finding the Cursemark of Death, you must go to Renna’s Rise. This tower lies northeast of Ranni’s Rise and is where you will find the Snow Witch armor set.

Follow the ice spikes to the tower once you have reached the location. There should be a ladder in the middle of the structure where the elevator was supposed to be. Climb the ladder until you reach the top. Look in the back of the room for a chest. Open it to find all three pieces of the Snow Witch armor set.

How Good Is The Snow Witch Set?

As already mentioned, the Snow Witch armor set features only three pieces: Snow Witch Hat, Snow Witch Robe, and Snow Witch Skirt. There are no gauntlets with this set.

The Snow Witch Hat particularly enhances your cold sorcery by 10 percent. The other pieces, however, have no impact on your cold sorcery stats. Apart from being a stylish outfit for magic users in Elden Ring, the Ranni’s Armor Set/outfit is one of the most commonly used armor sets for players who want to go with frost magic builds. As for damage negation, you check out the stats as following:

Damage Negation

  • Physical: 10.1
  • Strike: 11.6
  • Slash: 11.6
  • Pierce: 7.9
  • Magic: 25
  • Holy: 25
  • Light: 24.7
  • Fire: 25
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