Smoldering Butterfly Locations In Elden Ring

Smoldering Butterfly is a consumable item that is not very hard to find in Elden Ring but this guide will help you with all of its locations.

Elden Ring has a variety of consumables and crafting materials. These items allow you to enhance your creativity, and Smoldering Butterfly is no exception. Finding Smoldering Butterflies in Elden Ring is not hard, as you will find them in many places.

You can even find Smoldering Butterfly as a drop by taking out different enemies. To make things even easier for you, this guide will help you find all those in the game.

Where to find Smoldering Butterfly in Elden Ring

There are many burning fire spots throughout the map. Their light does attract some butterflies that fly over them. For this reason, you will always find a couple of Smoldering Butterfly near the fire. Additionally, this item can also be found over the corpses.

To get the Smoldering Butterfly in the inventory, approach the fire spot and pass through it. This will show the acquire button on the screen. Pressing the acquire key will automatically include the crafting item in the inventory.

Once you have collected them over a specific fire, they will take time to respawn. If you are in a hurry, you can pass the time at the nearest Site of Grace.

A vital place to farm the Smoldering Butterfly is to visit the Warmaster’s Shack. This area is located in the Limgrave, above Lake Agheel. Here you can find two fire spots side by side. This spot contains a lot of butterflies, and you can get around 10 Smoldering Butterfly crafting items.

Smoldering Butterfly uses

First, you must acquire the Crafting Kit in the game to use the Smoldering Butterfly. Once done, now you can use this crafting item for building purposes. Before making anything, you also have to acquire some sort of cookbook. These books are in various spots on the map. Further, they can also be bought from some NPCs.

All the items you can craft using the Smoldering Butterfly are below.

  • Fire Grease
  • Drawstring Fire Grease
  • Fireproof Dried Liver
  • Immunizing Cured Meat
  • Firebone Arrow
  • Firebone Arrow Fletched
  • Firebone Bolt
  • Fire Pots
  • Fire Pots Roped
  • Soft Cotton
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