Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf Shack Location Guide

This guide will explain where to find the Slumbering Wolf Shack in Elden Ring and complete Latenna's questline.

Latenna is one of the many NPCs you can talk to and complete quests for in Elden Ring. She will ask you to search for something for her, located in Slumbering Wolf Shack. This guide will explain where to find the Slumbering Wolf Shack in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf Shack Location

As explained, in order to obtain the Albinauric Spirit Ash from Latenna, you will need to do a couple of different quests.

First, you will have to obtain the first part of the Medallion from Albus, who is located in the Village of Albinaurics.

Once you have your hands on the first half of the Medallion, your next step will be to go and talk to Latenna, who is located at Slumbering Wolf’s Shack.

The Slumbering Wolf’s Shack is located on a cliff in the Liurnia region near the Stormveil Castle. To reach the Slumbering Wolf’s shack, you will have to find and cross the Lakeside Crystal cave.

For your ease, we also have an image showing the map location of the Lakeside Crystal cave.

What to do at Slumbering Wolf Shack in Elden Ring

The main reason for finding the Slumbering Wolf Shack is so that you can begin Latenna’s quest, which takes you to the Haligtree and Consecrated Snowfields in the game

To even talk to Latenna in the Slumbering Wolf Shack, you need the first half of the secret haligtree medallion, that is found with an NPC in Village of Albinaurics.

After you have defeated the boss of the Lakeside Crystal Cave, you can find a path leading further on in the cave, and it leads to a small shack on a small cliff on the other side of the cave. Here, you will see a wolf sleeping, and a girl sitting next to the girl.

Talk to the girl and if you have the half medallion, she will ask you a request that you guide her to her home. If you accept, she will disappear, and you will get her as the Albinauric Spirit Ash.

This is the entire purpose for visiting the Slumbering Wolf Shack, so that you can start one of the more expansive questlines in the game.

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