How To Complete Elden Ring Shabriri Quest, Shorter and Longer Version

Shabriri's quest in Elden Ring is tricky as you can kill him right away to get the armor set or do the longer version for the Frenzied Flame ending.

In Elden Ring, you will find many NPCs with quests to give you extra rewards. Shabriri is one of the NPCs you will find in Mountaintops of the Giants. This guide will help you with how to complete Shabriri’s quest and how it is related to Elden Rings’s endings.

How to start the Shabriri quest?

To start the quest, you need to meet Shabriri. But before you head start looking for Shabriri, you must complete Yura’s questline. If you have already completed it, you can begin this quest. This quest is important because the result can change your game’s ending.

To start the quest, use the Site of Grace (Zamor Ruins) to reach the Mountaintops of the Giants. Once you are there, look for Shabriri. He will look like Yura the Bloody Finger Fighter.

Shorter Version to Complete Shabriri Quest

Once you see him, you have two approaches to get the main reward. You can either kill Shabriri and get the Ronin armor set, or you can complete the quest and get the Ronin armor set. If you do not want to lock your ending to Lord of Frenzied Flame, you should fight and kill him to get Ronin armor set. However, you can use Miquella’s Needle to permanently reverse the Frenzied Flame status once in the game to unlock other endings in Elden Ring as well.

As for Shabriri’s fight, he will use Yura’s katana and frenzy incantation to block your attacks. But if you want to complete the quest and want the “Lord of Frenzied Flame” ending, approach him to begin the quest.

Longer Version to Complete Shabriri’s Quest

Since you have chosen to complete the quest, there are different activities that you must complete to get the Ronin armor set. All the activities are listed below:

Talk to Shabriri

Shabriri will tell you to go to Forsaken Depths in the Royal Capital to meet the Three Fingers and Flame OF Frenzy. Forsaken Depths is under the Erdtree.

Head over to the Forsaken Depths in Royal Capital

Use Leyndell, Capital of Ash (Site of Grace), and jump down the tunnel ahead. Ignore every enemy along the way and head into the tunnel on your right. Keep walking straight in the tunnel and turn to the right by the dead end.

 Keep walking until you enter a room with a steel ladder ahead. Use the ladder to climb up and open the door. The door will take time to open, jump to your left on the lower platform and descend the stairs.

Turn right at the end and keep walking until the route splits into the right and the left. Take a left and walk down the stairs. Turn right and enter another tunnel ahead. Keep walking and ignoring any enemies on the way until you reach the room, as shown in the image above.

Ignore the big enemy in the room and climb up the ladder ahead. Jump on the massive pipe on your left and keep walking on the pipe. Jump to your left at the end to land on the lower platform. Turn right to a new route where you must jump in the pipe ahead.

Keep walking in the pipe and take the first left. Turn right at the end and keep walking until you see a hole. Jump down and keep walking along the way until you see a ladder to a lower level. Use the ladder and turn to the right of the elevator, as shown in the image above.

Walk ahead to unlock and reach the Forsaken Depths.

Fight Mohg, the Omen

After unlocking Forsaken depths, walk straight into the Cathedral, where you will face a boss (Mohg, The Omen). Mohg is weak against melee attacks; use any melee weapons to lower its health. All its attacks are slow, so you can easily dodge them.

Moreover, Mohg will often get stuck in ceilings and pillars, so use this opportunity and attack it as much as possible. Keep dodging its attacks, and you will eventually defeat it.

Meet the Flame of Frenzy

After defeating the boss, walk straight to exit the Cathedral. Keep walking until you are on the wooden plank.

Carefully descend by jumping on the platforms below. When you reach the bottom, the floor will break, and you will fall to the lowest level.

Ahead you will see the large door, but it will not open. Unequip the armor and try again. Now it will open, and the cutscene will start.

Return to Zamor Ruins

After the cutscene, head to the Zamor Ruins, where you will find Ronin armor set as the reward for completing the Shabriri quest line.

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