Where to Find Ring of Oath in Elden Ring

If you are among many who are having a tough time finding the Ring of Oath to complete a major questline in Elden Ring, read on.

What’s the Ring of Oath

The reason why players are unable to find the Ring of Oath is that the item is called The Dark Moon Ring in-game. Hence, leading to a lot of confusion.

The Ring of Oath is required to complete Ranni, the Witch’s questline which tasks players to cut two of Ranni’s fingers, slay a demigod, and take down a few more bosses. The questline will also take players through two different underground eternal cities.

At the very end of the questline, players will need to use the Ring of Oath. Without the ring, they will be stuck in a room and be unable to complete the questline.

It makes for much frustration because players will not come across any item that is named the Ring of Oath throughout the questline.

Where to Find the Ring of Oath in Elden Ring

After defeating the final boss in Nokstella, the Ring of Oath will be required to enter the room behind Astel, Naturalborn of Void. However, without the ring, the door will be blocked by a blue barrier.

To find the ring, fast travel to Raya Lucaria Grand Library where Renalla will be present, at least after you have defeated her. There will be a treasure chest right beside Renalla.

Use the Discarded Palace Key that you received after defeating the Baleful Shadow to open the chest.

In the chest, you’ll get the Dark Moon Ring (also the Ring of Oath) that is required to access the room in Nokstella. Fast travel back to Astel’s room and the blue barrier will not be there. You will then be able to complete Ranni’s questline.

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