How To Get Recusant Henricus Set In Elden Ring

This guide will cover complete details about the Recusant Henricus armor set in Elden Ring.

Recusant Henricus is an invader boss in Elden Ring that you defeat pretty easily. You will come across him in Stormhill after clearing the Stormgate section. He is a completely optional boss with an amazing armor set.

Recusant Henricus Armor Set comprises of two items only hence it is lightweight and does not hinder your agility. It is a great armor set in terms of Resistance and Damage Negation but can also be obtained for its cosmetic appeal.

This guide will cover complete details about the Recusant Henricus armor set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Recusant Henricus armor set in Elden Ring

Recusant Henricus doesn’t have a proper armor set in the game. His armor set consists of different gear pieces which can be found throughout the map. 

Unlike other armor sets, you don’t actually need to defeat this boss to obtain his armor. The two armor pieces in this armor set are found at two different locations.

Below we will tell you about the details of all the gears along with their details and how you can find them as well.

Eye Surcoat

The first piece that is used in the Recusant armor set is the Eye Surcoat. It is a chest armor of brown color that has a chainmail design. This will increase the damage negation of the player and has decent resistance.

This piece will increase the defense and resistance of the players and change their looks. You can find this armor piece on the ground after defeating Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Recusant Henricus's Eye Surcoat map location in Elden Ring

It weighs 9.2 units and negates Physical Damage by 12.9. As for the Strike, Slash, and Pierce Damage, it has quite decent stats of 8.8, 12.9, and 11.9 respectively. Additionally, it also provides a 10.9 protection against Fire damage.

This chest armor also performs well in terms of Resistance providing a 55 boost to Robustness and 25 to Immunity.


This is the second piece of Recusant Henricus armor set in Elden Ring. As clear from the name it is a helm. It is a heavy helmet that will protect the player’s head by applying different defense perks.

This will give your character a proper Recusant Henricus look. You can buy this helm from the Nomadic Merchant in South Caelid.

He can be found near the Caelid Highway with his little General Goods Shop by the fire. He sells 12 items in total, one of which is the desired Greathelm. The Greathelm will cost you 1800 Runes.

This helm weighs around 5.9 units which can be a bit heavy for a helm but it can be explained considering the immense damage negation it provides. It protects against Physical Damage by 5.5 and for the Pierce, Strike, and Slash Attacks it has damage negation of 5.2, 4.2, and 5.8 respectively.

Just like the Eye Surcoat, the Greathelm also does well in terms of Robustness and Immunity. It increases Immunity by 16, Robustness by 29, and Focus and Vitality both by 11.

Unfortunately, there are no upgrades for this armor set as of now.

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