How to Defeat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring

The following guide will help players to defeat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring while highlighting his attack patterns and moves.

The following guide will help players to defeat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring. The guide will highlight the attack patterns as well as the strategy players can adopt to counter those said attacks of Recusant Henricus in the game.

Elden Ring Recusant Henricus Location

Recusant Henricus can be found as an NPC Invader if you head northeast of Colosseum Road, on the left side of the broken bridge in Limgrave. The exact location has been marked on the map below.


Recusant Henricus Recommended Level and Weaknesses

The recommended level to fight Recusant Henricus Boss in Elden Ring is 10-20. You should try to defeat this boss once you have reached or are close to the recommended level.

This boss is weak against the Slash, Fire, and lightning attacks, so try to use as many of them as possible.

Recusant Henricus Attacks and Counters

The first step in defeating Recusant Henricus is understanding his attack patterns. Starting with his basic attack, the Overhanded Mace Strike. This attack can be easily dodged because of its slow attack animation, giving players ample time to move out of the way or maintain distance.

Another attack is the Underhanded Mace Strike which is similar to the first one except that the underhanded version is much faster. Also, shields aren’t that effective here since the attack makes use of a heavy weapon. Hence, players need to dodge by rolling around.

The third attack is the Jumping Mace Strike where Recusant Henricus jumps and comes at you from the side. If he does hit you, he will inflict huge amounts of damage. So, you need to quickly move aside and attempt a strike while he is recovering from the attack.

Another move that Recusant Henricus will try is the Mace Magma which is the most powerful attack yet. He will add magma to his mace before hitting the ground to unleash fire that deals tons of damage.

You need to be prepared when the fire comes at you which will be easy because the mace will start glowing red. Move away once the mace starts changing color.

Kneeling Back Spin is another move which might lure players into attack. Don’t attack until he has completely recovered from his kneeling position.

Hammer Combos

It is a combo attack in which he will attack the target with 1 to 4 continuous hammer hits. These hits range is pretty good as well, but still, you can dodge it easily because of the slow speed of Henricus.

Jumping Smash

In this attack, the boss will jump into the air and smash his hammer into the ground. You can dodge this attack by either rolling left or right.

Flaming Smash and Explosion

In this, the boss will perform an overhead smash with his lightened hammer, and after a few seconds, the target spot will explode, dealing damage to anyone in its range.

You have to move away from the impact point of the smash to dodge this attack.

How to Defeat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring

Now that you are aware of the attack patterns of Recusant Henricus, you should follow on some tips below to defeat this boss. The recovery time from attacks is quite large of this boss, so you need to take advantage of every opening.

Wait for an opportunity and go in. Deal as much damage as possible before retreating to a safe spot. Make sure that you combine usage of shield with dodging to make your defensive capabilities stronger.

Players should use the strategy of dodging and then attacking Recusant Henricus while you have time. Whenever it makes an attack on you, maintain the distance, and then dodge.

Move around in a way that the boss gets positioned in a way where it is most vulnerable to your attack. So, this means if you will force this boss to make heavy attacks like jumping mace, then you will have the chance to exploit its weakness of long recovery time and attack while it is recovering.

Recusant Henricus Boss Drops

For defeating the boss, you will be rewarded with the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Hammer Talisman, and 338 Runes.

Recusant Henricus Not Invading or Not Spawning Fix

Some People are reporting that the Recusant Henricus is not invading or spawning. There are two major reasons for this issue.

The first one is because you progress quickly in the Volcano Manor missions, and he didn’t attack you because you are a member of his Covenant.

The other reason is a glitch that can be fixed by just loading the game again. Even if this boss didn’t appear, you don’t have to worry at all as this boss is not related to any of the questline in the game.

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