Pike Location in Elden Ring

Pike belongs to the Spear class of armaments in Elden Ring which can deal significant damage but you need to fight your way to get it.

Pike belongs to the Spear class of armaments in Elden Ring and is considered one of the longest spears in the game. Initially, it has moderate damage, but its lethality increases manifolds with the upgrades. To get your hands on this spear, you must know where it is found, and we have it here for you in this guide.

Where to find Pike in Elden Ring

Well, finding the Pike Spear is not much difficult. The location of Pike is Stormveil Castle, which is in the Limgrave region of the map. Inside the castle, there is a courtyard. Just a heads up before entering Stormveil Castle that it is filled with exile soldiers.

Once you reach there, fight and defeat these soldiers. There will be two corpses lying in the middle area. Once there, you can find and loot the Pike from one of the corpses.

Pike stats in Elden Ring

As mentioned earlier, Pike Spear does not have strong starting stats. But they become so with gradual upgrades of the weapon. This Spear has the Pierce Attack Type. Additionally, the Charge Forth skill is associated with this weapon as well.

This skill enables the Pike Spear to carry momentum for a more potent attack. The protagonist takes two or three steps back and attacks with the extended spear. This skill makes this weapon most suitable for spacious and open areas fight.

To increase the damage of Pike in Elden Ring, you can also infuse it with Ashes of War. You can also use Pike to deal significant damage while riding horseback. However, it’s a Melee weapon, but it also stands out for the ranged attacks.

It requires only 20 Strength and 14 Dexterity to use this weapon. Further attack and defense stats are listed in the table below.

Critical100Guard Boost39

Best builds for Pike

Lance Talisman can be used with the Pike Spear in Elden Ring. This will increase the damage and enhance the effectiveness of the attacks, especially while riding the Torrent. Additionally, Piercing Fang and Sword Dance further strengthen the attacking capabilities of the Pike Spear.

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