Elden Ring: Master Lusat Location and His Armor

You can find Master Lusat as part of Sorcerer Sellen questline. You will have to go to Sellia Hideaway in Caelid.

It has been a tradition in games that NPCs assign quests and side quests. Sometimes, finding these NPCs can be a lot harder than you would’ve expected. One of these circumstances can be seen in Elden Ring, and by far the most difficult NPC to find has been Master Lusat.

Master Lusat location is a part of the Sellen Questline in Elden Ring. Go on over to our separate guide on this quest to get a better idea of how Sellen and Lusat are connected.

Sellen will be the one who will task you for finding Master Lusat after telling you his exile story. She will give you a general direction of heading: Sellia, which is in the Eastern parts of Caelid Wilds. Once you have found Master Lusat, you can also get his armor from him.

sellia direction sellen

Where to Find Master Lusat in Elden Ring

sellia hideaway master lusat location

Master Lusat, as mentioned above, can be found in the eastern parts of Caelid Wilds. To be more specific, he can be found in Sellia Hideaway. If you have not yet found this Lost Grace, we recommend you take the one at Fort Faroth. From here, travel directly southwest. It should be a short journey on horseback. You will reach an enemy near a fallen tree branch. The scenario should look something like this:

path to sellia hideaway

Where is Master Lusat’s Armor?

There will be times when you think that you have hit a dead end. These are just illusions to keep astray creatures away. Once you hit a dead end, roll over towards the wall or strike it to reveal the path ahead. You will encounter two of these illusions, so keep watch.

sellia hideaway dungeon

After you have successfully cleared the illusions, continue ahead. You will be in a place with enormous Glinstone Crystals acting as a bridge. Climb on it, and at the end, turn right and drop down on another crystal. Defeat the enemy and turn right again on the path going down. Take a left on the crystal and drop down from it.

sellia hideaway dungeon 2

 After you drop down, continue in the direction where you are heading. A Sellian Seal will be ahead of you, guarded by an enemy. Defeat this guard and use the Sellian Sealbreaker given to you by the Sellen. The Sealbreaker will open the seal and allow you to continue ahead. Master Lusat will be behind this seal, lying dead. Interact with him to gain the Stars of Ruin. You can also pick up Lusat’s Armor after completing the quest to give your wardrobe a fresh look.

It might sound simple to get to Sellia Hideaway and reach Master Lusat; however, you will need to progress into Sorcerer Sellen’s quest until you have the Sealbreaker to reach Master Lusat, so make sure that you check out our guide on Sellen’s Quest as well.

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