How To Get Manor Towershield In Elden Ring

The Manor Towershield is one of the best Greatshields in Elden Ring that protects you from unwanted damage.

The Manor Towershield is one of the best Greatshields in Elden Ring that protects you from unwanted damage. This shield is more for blocking attacks than parrying. Manor Towershield is quite heavy and can even repel attacks. This Guide contains complete information on what purpose Manor Towershield serves and how to get it in Elden Ring.

Manor Towershield location in Elden Ring

The Manor Towershield can be found near the Secluded Cell Grace. However, you can only get this shield after defeating Margit, the boss of the Stormveil Castle.

To find Manor Towershield in Elden Ring, fast travel to the Secluded Cell site of grace. After you spawn, continue out of the room past the hallway. You will encounter a path going up. Follow this path and make a U-turn towards the wooden platforms. Climb them up, and upon reaching the end, jump onto the ledge in front of you.

Follow this ledge to its end. Once you reach the end, another ledge should be on your right. Jump onto this one and enter through the window. Make a right and follow the straight path into a storeroom and up the stairs.

Make another right here and climb another set of stairs. These will lead you to a wooden platform. Make a left from here and go into the dark corridor, which will lead into a big room of Commoners. Climb the stairs here, and you will find the Manor Towershield under the last set of stairs. There will be some enemies on your way out, so slay them.

Is Manor Towershield Any Good in Elden Ring?

The Manor Towershield is a shield at the base level. So its base use is to protect yourself from enemy attacks. This shield offers a Shield Bash skill when you pick it up. There is also a skill called No Skill which can be purchased for 600 Runes at the Warmaster’s Shack. This skill can also be used in combination with this shield.

The Manor Towershield is a heavy weapon and can decrease your mobility in Elden Ring. Plus, it also requires 30 Strength to carry. But looking at its stats, this bargain is worth it.

The shield has a 100 Physical damage negation, a 67 Guard Boost, 66 damage negation against magic attacks, 66 for Fire, 51 for lightning, and 56 for Holy attacks. These stats make it the best Greatshield, found early in the Elden Ring and used until the end.

Over time, this shield can be upgraded as well. The Max level of upgradation is 25. Your damage will be 271 instead of the base 111 at this stage. You can even infuse it with Ashes of War to get more out of it.

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