Elden Ring Leonine Misbegotten Boss Guide

In this guide, we will cover Leonine Misbegotten locations and how to defeat this boss in Elden Ring by providing you useful tips.

Leonine Misbegotten is a humanoid with a thick crimson mane. It’s an optional boss, but defeating it nets you a good amount of runes and a weapon! In this guide, we will cover Leonine Misbegotten’s locations and how to defeat this boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Leonine Misbegotten Location

You are going to find this boss in the Weeping Peninsula, southwestern shores of Castle Morne. When you reach the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace, go in the southwest direction and you will see a wooden bridge.

Cross that bridge and head towards the tower. You will be able to see the boss arena from the tower. Find the ladder on the side of the tower and use that to get down to the shore.

You will also see some of the non-hostile Spirit Jellyfish in your way, but you can go past them and head south to find the Leonine Misbegotten boss in Elden Ring.

Leonine Misbegotten Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Leonine Misbegotten, despite being a tough and aggressive boss, has flaws that you can be exploited to bring him down. Leonine, for starters, is vulnerable to Incantations. You can use the spells like Glinstone Pebble or Carian Slicer. Both of them work very well against the aggressive boss.

Also, if you are able to break his poise, he will be vulnerable to critical hits and will eventually take more damage and fall easily. To rush things, you can rely on spirit summons to break his poise.

Leonine Misbegotten Attacks and Counters

Leonine Misbegotten has a vast arsenal of attacks at his disposal, and you should be aware of what he has up his sleeve to know what you’re up against. Here, we’ll go over his attacks and give you all the information you need to counter them.

Lunging Attack

Leonine will lunge at you while chopping his sword, shattering you to smithereens.

This attack is quick, and you’re racing against the clock to avoid it. Simply wait until Leonine is about halfway through his jump arc before dodging. It is not recommended to launch a counter-attack after this. Instead, wait for his next attack.

Plunging Attack

Leonine will jump halfway through the air and then smash his sword down to eliminate enemies.

This attack won’t be too difficult to deal with because Leonine will be jumping in the air to perform it, giving you plenty of time to dodge. It is also worth noting that Leonine usually performs this attack after his Lunging Attack, so this is another indicator that this attack is on its way.

Leonine can be severely punished by countering the Plunging Attack with a jumping attack.

Big Swing

Leonine will wind up for a massive slash of his sword in this attack. This is a very detrimental attack.

Leonine will perform this attack by holding his sword with both hands and shuffle forward once before unleashing it. You’ll be fine if you get out of the way just in time.

Pouncing Attack

In this attack, Leonine will flatten his sword, causing a shockwave. This is a Leonine go-to attack, so you’ll see it quite often.

This attack comes when Leonine jumps up into the sky, holding the hilt of his sword in one hand and the blade in the other. This attack is often used in a combo, so keep an eye out and dodge both hits. The time to avoid the pounce is sufficient, so if you’re quick enough, you’ll be fine.

Double Spin

Leonine will slash you with two spinning sword slashes while holding you by your toes. This is another of Leonine’s goto attacks, so don’t be surprised if you see it a lot.

If you see Leonine stomp, it’s a good bet that this attack is on its way. As you take the first hit, roll to avoid the second, and you’ll eventually have a good chance to land a jumping heavy attack.

Double Claw Swipe

Leonine will swipe his claw at you twice to execute this attack. This is a low-damage attack that Leonine will only use if you are within close range.

Simply roll back to avoid this attack, but if you think it’s too late, don’t worry, just counter with a heavy attack and you’ll be fine.

Leonine’s Roar

As the name suggest, in this attack Leonine will let out a terrifying roar. Leonine will use this attack to get you off of him.

This, like the Double Claw Swipe, will most likely happen if you’re in close range because this attack is effective in short range. To avoid this attack, simply roll away.

Combo Attack #1

This is Leonine’s one of two four-hit combo attacks. This combo attack will end in a Giant Hack.

This combo starts with a slow horizontal slash, followed by another. Then comes the upward sword swing, and finally, after an agonizingly long period of time, a sword attack will land on you.

To avoid this, you must master the timing of these attacks; if you don’t, simply roll away.

The attack’s first swing is also excellent parry material. So, if you’re into it, that slow horizontal slash is your best bet to counter and deal damage.

Combo Attack #2

This is Leonine’s second four hit combo attack that ends in a Sword Swipe. Leonine attacks with four horizontal swipes that alternate from left to right and speed up as the attack progresses. Rolling through the last two attacks is not a good option because they are relatively quick.

To avoid this combo, use the pause in the first swipe to roll back, and if you fail, just dodge the first two swings and block the last two.

Combo Attack #3

Leonine will perform a two-hit lunging swipe in this two-hit combo attack. He’ll lunge at you with his sword, and get past you. He then repositions himself and lunges at you for the second time.

Be wary of this attack if you see Leonine leap to the side. This attack is the perfect time to land a few blows on Leonine. To make the most of it, dodge both attacks, making sure the second dodge is towards him. This will enable you to deliver a powerful punching attack.

How to Defeat Leonine Misbegotten in Elden Ring

The strategy for defeating that boss is pretty similar whether you are playing ranged or melee since the boss is quite aggressive. You simply have to roll or block and try to create separation if you playing as a ranged character.

If you are playing a melee character you can get close to him and use the shield. Since in this fight shield is going to help you tremendously. Try and use a shield with a 100% physical block.

What you should be trying to do is roll out of the way of his attack and try to dodge and hit him whenever you get an open window.

While dodging his attacks you have to be careful since most of the time he will be using the horizontal attack. So you will need to time your moves perfectly for dodging his attacks.

Dodging his attacks by moving forward has been recommended since then you will have a lesser area to cover and you can attack him right after dodging his move.

Sometimes during the fight, he will also jump into the air so you have to make sure you time your rolls perfectly whenever he jumps into the air to dodge his powerful overhead attack.

While rolling, it is completely dependent on you whether you want to roll towards him or away from him.

If you are a ranged character you should be rolling away from him so you can use the bow or sorceries to attack him right after the roll.

For melee, you will be rolling towards him so you can get close to him, only roll away to heal up. You can use the spells like Glinstone Pebble or Carian Slicer. Both of them work very well against the aggressive boss.

You will also need to be aware of his stomp ability in which he will be swinging his sword around heavily and you can’t dodge this if you get in the way.

If you keep these things in mind you can defeat that boss pretty easily.

Leonine Misbegotten Drops

Defeating the Leonine Misbegotten boss in Elden Ring will give you 3800 Runes and a special drop which is Grafted Blade Greatsword.

This Sword comes with a unique Ash of War called the Oath of Vengeance and needs a Dexterity of 14 and a Strength of 40.

How to Cheese Leonine Misbegotten

Now that we’ve gotten the strategies for defeating Leonine Misbegotten out of the way, here’s another simple yet effective method for cheesing the boss if you’re not in the mood for a proper battle.

Simply follow these steps to cheese Leonine Misbegotten with minimal effort. To begin, use any type of summon as a distraction as you enter the arena. If you’re having trouble on what to use, simply use the Jelly Fish.

Once you’ve distracted the boss, proceed to the back of the arena and hop up on the tombstone there. There will be two more tombstones in front of you, and you must jump to the third, highest one.

Once there, wait for Leonine to deal with the summon afterward, he’ll move toward you. Don’t be bothered, most of his attacks won’t reach you from down there. You are safe! Even so, you should keep your shield up as a precaution.

To finish him off, simply direct your poison mist at him, and he’ll take damage slowly over time and eventually fall. Wicked!

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