How To Get The Icon Shield In Elden Ring 

Health management is an important aspect of Elden Ring. But with the Icon Shield, you can regenerate health every second.

The unforgiving nature of Elden Ring makes it important that you consider getting a Greatshield like the Icon Shield to boost your defense stats and increase your survival chances.

The Icon Shield is unique in the sense that in addition to shielding you from enemy attacks in Elden Ring, it also has a unique skill that grants passive health regeneration.

If you are using a melee build in Elden Ring, you definitely need to know where to find the Icon Shield.

Icon Shield location in Elden Ring 

The Icon Shield can be found in the Woodfolk Ruins in the Altus Plateau. The ruins are east of the Minor Erdtree. The Icon Shield is in the ruins and around it are cult-like worm creatures which will attack you as soon as you enter the ruins.  

Icon Shield map location in Elden Ring

Fortunately, you can simply avoid them and get the shield. There will also be a Giant Wormface which will curse you but he too is easily avoidable. In the ruins, you will also find Grave Stone which you can collect. 

Now you can either go to the place directly or you can fast travel to Windmill village. From here you can call Torrent and move southwest and reach the ruins.  

Alternatively, you can use the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace and then travel northeast past the Erdtree to get to the shield. By taking this way, you will encounter fewer enemies than before. 

What does the Icon Shield do?

Icon Shield, apart from protection against physical attacks, is better known and used for its Health Regeneration abilities. This shield when on hand will regenerate 3 HP per second.  

The Icon shield can be paired with the Blessed Dew Talisman to increase the amount of health regenerated. To stack their effects, you will have to keep the Icon Shield in the shield tab and fill up the Talisman slot.  

The Icon Shield doesn’t have any skill when equipped. However, if the weapon on the other hand has any skill, that skill will instead be used.  

The Icon Shield can be wielded if you have 22 Strength. This is a heavy shield and thus if you have a magic build, then this shield is not for you. The Icon shield is suitable for the warrior build since you will have plenty of strength. Also, the regen helps greatly because of the lack of healing items. 

Icon Shield upgrades and stats

The Icon Shield can be upgraded like other items but only the Physical Attack power and the Stamina of the shield are increased. The other attributes of defense will remain the same. Its stats are as follows. 

Attack Power 


  • Standard: 133 
  • Fully upgraded to 255 


  • Standard: 84 
  • Fully upgraded to 140 

Damage reduction 

  • Physical: 95 
  • Magic: 49 
  • Fire: 45 
  • Lightening: 51 
  • Holy: 48 
  • Guard Boost: 59 
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