Elden Ring Godefroy, The Grafted Boss Guide

Godefroy, the Grafted is one of the optional bosses in Elden Ring and a member of Godrick's Family. He was...

Godefroy, the Grafted is one of the optional bosses in Elden Ring and a member of Godrick’s Family. He was put away by a dragon knight amid the war of shattering in the Evergaol. The following guide will show you where to find and defeat Godefroy, the Grafted in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Godefroy, The Grafted Location

First, you have to enter Golden Lineage Evergaol. There will be an imp seal statue protecting the gates. Use a Stonesword Key to enter. Then you need to march straight to the arena where you will fight.

After reaching there, you need to summon the boss to start the fight.

Godefroy The Grafted Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Godefroy in no way is an easy boss to defeat. Therefore, the best and the most recommended level to fight him ranges from level 20 to level 30.

Although you can fight him at a higher level since the higher your level, the easier it will be to defeat him. However, you shouldn’t drop below level 20.

Once you’ve reached the required level to fight Godefroy, you might want to gain information about its weaknesses.

Godfroy is vulnerable to Scarlet Rot (HP reducing Status Effect). Using weapons or items that deal such damage will soften him up for a quick defeat in the battle.

He also shows weakness towards Lightning and Thrusting damage. Using these elemental damages will surely bring him to the ground for a defeat.

Godefroy The Grafted Attacks and Counters

Below we’ve given all attacks possessed by Godefroy, the Grafted, along with their respective counters.

Axe Plunge AoE

Godefroy plunges his Axe into the ground consecutively for three turns. The initial two turns are barely noticeable, but the last one will cause a giant AoE, damaging anything in its radius.

You can counter this attack by moving far away from the boss while using ranged attacks during the initial two smashes to deal damage.

Wind AoE

Another AoE attack in his arsenal. Using this attack, Godefroy swings his Axe thrice in a 360 angle to create a wind that causes AoE where similar to the Plunge, the last round deals the most AoE damage.

During this attack, simply move away from the boss as far as possible to avoid any damage.

Ranged Wind Gust

This attack sees Godefroy move his weapon ahead then sweep to create a type of Wind Gust that is sent in a particular direction which can later curl into its final direction to deal damage if you come in its path.

You need to keep an eye on the last curl the wind takes and move to the opposite side to avoid the damage.

Jump Axe Swing

Godefroy jumps in mid-air and uses his axe to smash you. If you’re caught in this attack, you’ll deal a large amount of damage.

Once he jumps in the air, move away a couple of steps before he lands on top of you.

Axe Smash Flurry

Using this attack, the boss performs a series of Axe attacks on the ground.

Simply circle around the boss and land a few attacks of your own when doing so.

Axe Swing Combo

Using this attack, the boss performs three swing attacks, where the last one is an over-head swing attack.

His combos are quite slow to deliver, which gives you a chance to move aside or roll a few steps backward to avoid the attack.

Hand Swipe

This is a standard Melee Hand Swipe in Godefroy’s arsenal of attack, which can be countered by simply rolling away to a different side from the attack.

How to Defeat Godefroy, the Grafted in Elden Ring

Defeating Godefroy in Elden Ring is not mandatory, except for the experience and rewards that you can net as a bonus.

Some of Elden Ring’s bosses have two phases; Godefroy has only one phase throughout his fight. Take note that he has a couple of wind-based attacks that will come at you as projectiles. Godefroy will also roll around before leaping at you for an attack. Both of these attacks should be easy enough to dodge.

The leaping attack will not damage you until he lands, so you can stand right in front of him while he is doing that. He also can initiate earthquakes. These earthquakes are the same as the Godrick phase two.

You don’t have to worry about the earthquakes, as you just need to pay attention to when his hammer is slamming into the ground. The earthquake can hit three times, so you need to be considerate.

He will swing his big hammer five times in one attack and slam it last two times into the ground. You need to dodge away from the first three attacks, and for the last two, you need to mind the hammer and attack him while you have the chance.

Running is not a good strategy as the boss will always stab you in the back.

The best thing to do is just block his attacks and attempt to move whenever possible. The boss has a big rolling attack. To avoid that, you also need to roll yourself. He sometimes does projectiles after this attack.

If you put a lot of distance between you and the boss, he will initiate the big rolling attack and come steaming towards you. When he holds his hammer in two hands, the best advice is to run away.

There is no new thing in the fight as there is no phase two. The boss will repeat the moves mentioned above. After a little while, you will end up depleting his health bar, and he will be defeated.

Godefroy the Grafted Drops

After successfully defeating Godefroy the Grafted, you will receive 26000 Runes and Godefroy Icon Talisman as a reward.

How to Cheese Godefroy, The Grafted

Godefroy is a smaller boss, but that doesn’t take away his toughness which gives you a hard time defeating him.

Gladly, there’s a cheese method to defeat him in Elden Ring. Simply buy the Rotten Breath spell from Dragon Communion Altar at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion for 1 Dragon Heart.

Once bought, use the Spell thrice on the boss to defeat him. You can do this by casting Rotten Breath, then running in circles and see Godefroy’s HP slowly decreasing over time.

Repeat this process three times, and you’ll defeat Godefroy in Elden Ring.

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