How To Get Dagger Talisman In Elden Ring

The Dagger Talisman is great for backstab and parry-heavy builds which require additional critical damage in Elden Ring.

When it comes to late-game accessories, the Dagger Talisman is easily one of the best talismans you can equip for your backstab and parry builds in Elden Ring.

The talisman increases your overall critical damage, meaning that your backstabs and parry counters become even more lethal provided that you can land them in the game.

That being said, the Dagger Talisman is great for any Dexterity build even if you are not prioritizing your backstabs.

Dagger Talisman location in Elden Ring

The Dagger Talisman can be found on a corpse in the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. This is one of the high-level areas in the game which can be approached from several different pathways.

From the starting area begin by traveling north to reach Mt. Gelmir. You can also travel to the location on foot; however, this will first require you to collect both pieces of the Dectus Medallion.

Alternatively, you can also approach the Altus Plateau first by heading through Ruin-Strewn Precipice. From there you can go northwest to reach Mt. Gelmir.  

If you want to avoid all dangers of traversing the lands of Elden Ring, you can also teleport automatically to the Volcano Manor after you complete Rya’s Questline in Elden Ring.

Now at the Volcano Manor, you must approach the Site of Grace as the starting point. From there take the left inside the hallway followed by a right to the first room you find.

You can identify the correct area by the corpse lying on the ground. Strike it to open access to the hidden area behind. Now you will enter a dark area that you will be unable to see in. Nevertheless, continue by following the path through the darkness to enter the Prison Town.

Now maneuver your way through this area to lead up the boss, Godskin Noble, a difficult adversary at this point of your Elden Ring journey. Once you have struck down Godskin, you can begin the real search for the Dagger Talisman.

After the boss fight you gain access to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. In this area, if you look to your right, you will find an elevator that will take you up to a point to provide you with a platform to jump from.

Jump toward the balcony and continue along the path uphill, which leads to an area of prison town that was locked before. The route ahead is haphazardly structured and guarded by Stonesword Imps. So, you will need to have Stonesword keys to open the locked doors.

Take the stairs and open the door to enter a dark room. you can now take the tight ledge to the right to get to the Dagger Talisman.

Dagger Talisman effects

The Dagger Talisman in Elden Ring simply increases your Critical Damage by 17%, giving you a much-welcomed damage boost for every successful critical strike your Tarnished delivers.

The added damage will be perfect for stealth-based builds that focus on Backstab and Parry attacks. You are more likely to deliver critical attacks after a successful parry, so the Dagger Talisman will serve you well to give a pretty neat increase in damage output.

In the Elden Ring endgame, the Dagger Talisman gets the chance to shine in Damage-based builds as well. You can add it to one of the four Talisman Slots that you have unlocked to boost your damage output.

It is important to note that the Crit Damage increase provided by the Dagger Talisman doesn’t carry over to all the ranged weapons in Elden Ring. So, your bow headshots will not get a crit damage increase, unfortunately.

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