How to Parry in Elden Ring

Parrying has always been an integral game mechanic in every Souls game and hence, its return in Elden Ring should not be surprising at all. That being said, parrying has gone through a little change in the game which will be discussed in the following guide as we explain how to parry in Elden Ring.

How to Parry in Elden Ring

Parrying is not an easy technique and requires perfect-timing with the enemy attacks. Your parry timing and enemy’s attack timing should be in sync in order for this to work.

First, equip your shield with the parry ability in your left hand and a weapon that you attack with in your right hand. Now, press the heavy attack button of your left hand (LT or L2 on a controller) when the enemy’s attack is just about to land.

Every enemy has a different attacking style. Some enemies take a long wind up with their attacks that can be easily parried. While other enemies attack instantly and parrying them can be pretty challenging.

When you successfully parry the enemy, they will be stunned for a moment and you will get the opportunity to land a critical strike on them. However, you cannot parry ranged attacks from the enemy. Only physical attacks with weapons or melee attacks can be parried.

Ash of War: Parry Location

You have plenty of options to land critical hits in the game, and one of them is by using the parrying method. But, parrying is not an easy technique to pull off. New, as well as veterans, will always be tested when it comes to perfectly timing their counter-hits.

The fact is that parrying is all about timing. There are no cheat codes for successful parrying, other than timing your shield attack with the enemies’ attack. However, to parry with your shield, you first need to get a shield that has the parry ability.

Some of the shields in Elden Ring come with the Parry ability and some don’t. But, this can be overcome with The Ash of War system in Elden Ring.

The Ash of War Parry allows you to install the parry ability to shields that don’t have it. It can be found in Warmaster’s Shack, where it is being sold by Knight Bernahl for 600 Runes.