Elden Ring Great Wyrm Theodorix Boss Guide

This guide will help you find and defeat Great Wyrm Theodorix in Elden Ring by outlining its location and key strategies to use.

Elden Ring has a lot of hidden bosses in the massive open world, and some of these bosses are in hidden areas as well, making them very hard to access. This guide will help you find and defeat Great Wyrm Theodorix in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Great Wyrm Theodorix Location

Great Wyrm Theodorix is the strongest and biggest version of the Wyrm dragon enemies in Elden Ring. The boss is an open-world boss found in the free roam area and is hidden in Consecrated Snowfield.

To find the boss, you need to gain access to both halves of the Haligtree medallion and make your way into the Consecrated Snowfield.

In the area, get to the frozen river that runs across the area and follow it to the ravine in the east part of the area. Keep on following the river and at the end of the ravine, you can find the boss sitting patiently.

Elden Ring Great Wyrm Theodorix Location

You will face a lot of enemies on the way to Theodorix and the closest site of grace is the Cave of the Forlon site of grace.

How to Defeat Great Wyrm Theodorix Boss in Elden Ring

Great Wyrm Theodorix’s moveset is similar to the other Wyrm dragons you have fought up till now. When you begin the fight, Theodorix will be on all four legs and most of his attacks will be magma thrown from his mouth and paw smashes. If you are sticking to his tail, he can also do a tail sweep that allows him to rotate almost 180 degrees.

He can also do his sword slam which also causes magma to spew out. Along with this, Theodorix can also rush towards you and keeps on spilling out magma along the path as he does so. This attack is considerably fast, and players need to dodge out in time as their rush will track you if you dodge too early.

After you beat down Theodorix to half of his health, he gets angry and decides to stand on his two hind legs. At this point, Theodorix becomes much more aggressive, and his attacks are faster than before. Theodorix will mostly attack you by slamming his sword down. This attack has good tracking, and he can even turn round when doing it so don’t think you are safe if you are behind him.

Theodorix also has a new variant of rush attack here. He will wildly swing his sword and dash towards you. He will keep on spilling out magma as he does. This attack can continue for as long as Theodorix likes and there is no fixed end to the attacks.

All attacks from Theodorix will spew a lot of magma, limiting your mobility. Make sure you draw out Theodorix to more open areas, so you have more room to run around while avoiding Theodorix’s attacks.

A possible way for you to cheese Theodorix is to get him and the other enemies to fight each other. You will cross many Crabs and Land Octopodes when going to face Theodorix. Get them to follow you and attack Theodorix and they will eat up a lot of his health.

They are only useful for the first phase as Theodorix will kill them before the second phase, but you will have saved resources for the battle.

Stay between Theodorix’s legs. Most players tend to stay between his hind legs and tail and this is inviting Theodorix to use tail sweep and knock you down. When between his legs, you can stay safe from most of his attacks and also get enough time to get out of range of most of his attacks.

Torrent is your best friend. Horseback combat is good for the first phase as more of Theodorix’s body is in your range for attacking. In the second phase, since Theodorix is on two legs, attacking him while avoiding his magma is tricky and foot combat is better.

Theodorix has no specific weaknesses, except Bleed of course. So, use Bleed if you can. Avoid using fire weapons or spells as they will deal reduced damage. The best way to damage is through heavy weapons so you can stagger Theodorix and stab or smash his eye depending on your weapon.

After you defeat the Great Wyrm Theodorix, you get three Dragon Hearts and Theodorix’s Magma incantation is unlocked in Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

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